Personal Development

To Tithe or Not to Tithe?

  Definition of Tithe:- to give or pay a tithe or tenth of (produce, money, etc.). It is generally considered that tithing is only for church members to give so that the church can benefit the community with the monies it receives and that the tithe is simply a measure of obedience to God and a […]


Value adding and Rewards

A person in any business or job is nothing less than someone who solves problems for people at a profit or for pay.   To get paid more, solve more problems for more people.   In doing this, you add value to the people that you are solving problems for, so in turn you will be […]

Property Investing

Property Entrepreneurs in Training

This weekend I am volunteering to help out at this incredible 3 day seminar.  Property Entrepreneurs in Training.  I first came across mCorp Investments in May 2006 where I attended this very seminar and was blown away by the information we received.   By attending this seminar, you will come out knowing how to look for the […]

Special Articles

Decision Makers…

The world’s most successful people are decision makers.  Your whole life is dominated by decisions.  People who become effective decision makers receive a big share of the world’s rewards.  The person who fails to make decisions is doomed.  You have to create or you disintegrate. There is always ambivalence surrounding decision making, i.e. tell them, […]


Choose Freedom

Why is it that we feel we should always have to please other people before pleasing ourselves?  This has been bugging me for quite some time now.  Remember when you were a child and were always being told to “be careful,” or “don’t do that,” or “don’t say that.”  Do you cringe now when you […]

Being, Landmark Education

Being versus Doing

Something we learn from the Landmark Forum is to create a way of being rather than doing certain things.  Doing is a function of the body, whereas being is a function of the soul. We often think that doing certain things will make us happy, like for example, the work we do or the activities […]



Do you notice when you are in a conversation if you are really listening and present to what the other person is saying?  I mean are you actually putting yourself in their shoes and understanding where they are coming from?  It’s a funny thing conversing with others.  We tend to only hear what we want […]

The Journey

The Journey

You know, it’s not the goal you set that is the important part of accomplishing your dreams.  It’s all about the  journey and what it takes to get there.  It’s about the person you become while you are heading for that goal. There will always be challenges that front up and it seems to be […]