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I Know I Can

I was sent this little story in an email and it shows us how powerful our thougths can be.  Through dominating thoughts in our conscious mind we voluntarily influence our sub-conscious, it doesn’t matter if these thoughts are negative or positive the sub-conscious will accept either.  I felt it needed to be shared so here it […]

Personal Development

Messages from Angels

  What is Love Love is all and Love heals all energy.  Love is a miracle when you hold your child for the first time.  Love is the energy from your true self which comes from the Universal truth.  Love is all we need to heal this world. When you say you hate or have […]

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The Coach and Brock

A friend who I have never met introduced me to this very powerful video… so powerful in fact that for all of you who ever thought of quitting when the going gets tough… think again… you CAN do it… watch this…

Wealth Creation

Who is Jamie McIntyre

A little over a year ago I was searching for a way out of the rat race. Seeing as though I had a couple of kids and wanted to be able to be home for them and still contribute to the household in a financial way, the search seriously began for a business run from […]


Inspiring friends

Friends are great.  Everybody needs friends who they can share with and grow with.  Imagine, no don’t imagine, but feel your connectivity with all things and all people in this Universe.  We are all one.  I am you.  You are me.   We just haven’t been introduced yet. The other day I had the opportunity to […]

Law of Attraction

Thoughts are Things

Create your day How do you create your day. What is the first thought that you have when you wake up. The alarm clock goes off and most of you think ‘Groundhog day. Just another day. Same old routine. Get up and go to work.’ Sound familiar. How about when you wake up you say […]