Ange Recchia

Seven Things About Me

Have you ever wanted to know more about the authors of blogs and some random facts about them? Well, just for fun, I thought I would take up the challenge from the gorgeous Diane over at Much of a Muchness. Diane has a great blog about Handmade Books and Design for all you crafty people […]


We Are One

Yes… I am back home now and as much as it’s great to go away… it’s also great to come back home. I have had some time to think through things for this coming year and will get to posting some more on emotional intelligence and other mind bending subjects to make you think very […]

Ange Recchia

The Fairy in the Mall

fairy in the mall

  I have been away with my family this past week in Perth, Western Australia and not due to return home until Sunday. I managed to slip away for a while to see what was going on online and time has slipped right by me. So here is a quickie post to let you know […]

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A List of Online Free Resources Mentioned in Interview

Well this was a first for me and once I settled in, I didn’t want to stop talking. I want to say a big thank you for those of you who took time out and dialed in to listen live. If you missed the interview, George Kedourie has posted it on his site in mp3 […]