Personal Development

Acts of Kindness

Over the last few weeks this site has had some strange happenings going on and I am putting it down to my lack of attention to it. You can liken it to a car for example. If you don’t put petrol in it, it won’t go!! To my loyal readers, for this I apologise in […]


Guest post by Michaela, Ange's niece

Hello to all ( : Ange left her laptop open so I decided to sneak a post in before she noticed. My name’s Michaela. I am Ange’s niece, 14 years young. There’s really not much to write, mainly because I don’t really know what my auntie does on here. But I’m going to say this, […]

Personal Development

Think Before You Speak

quick to listen slow to speak slow to anger

Have you ever had something happen to you that made you angry and because of this, you said hurtful words to a loved one without meaning too? I was visiting with some friends the other day and they were having a new oven delivered. Upon unwrapping the oven it was obvious that they had received […]