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Seven Things About Me

Have you ever wanted to know more about the authors of blogs and some random facts about them? Well, just for fun, I thought I would take up the challenge from the gorgeous Diane over at Much of a Muchness. Diane has a great blog about Handmade Books and Design for all you crafty people out there and her books are displayed on each post. She uses the most stunning array of papers to cover her books and well worth taking the time to visit.

So here are seven random facts about me that I don’t think I have ever shared here before…

  1. I come from a musical family… both my brothers have played in bands and my parents and sister all sing and play instruments too. When I was seven years old, I took up piano lessons and continued for about 12 years. Although I had all those lessons, I haven’t played for a very long time and it’s not high on the list of my priorities these days. If you follow the link to the band, there is a playlist from their last gig where I was asked to join the band on stage and play the tambourine along to the song Black Betty. Imagine!!
  2. I have learned how to draw charts of stocks using candlestick bars and can read a chart and follow patterns. Interestingly enough, if you take 5 years of monthly charts of a very well established stock and lay them along side each other, you will see history repeating itself. These days I use software to look at my charts so although the drawing days have gone, the lesson came in very handy indeed.
  3. You may have read that I am an adrenalin junkie and I am also addicted to chocolate and cashew nuts… can’t get enough and them and it has to be the right kind of chocolate like Cadbury’s or Lindt… yummy!
  4. Unlike Diane, if you read her post, she stated that she cannot reverse park and is having lessons from her son. I on the other hand have it down pat as my driving instructor made sure I did before she would let me go and sit my driving test. Thanks Sabina (my instructor) who also taught 3 of my cousins, my mum and one of my brothers to drive.
  5. My most favourite movie of all time is ET. I remember seeing it for the first time when I was about 14 years young and just could not stop crying at the end. I have always had a fascination with Aliens and believe that they are around, just watching us humans and sitting back laughing most of the time. What do you think?
  6. Although I love technology, it takes me some time to nut out new software and learn how to use it. I do not like reading instructions and much prefer to go about clicking this and that until I find a way that suits my way of doing things. (Truth be told, most of the time, I can’t follow the instructions!) I do get it after a while. My iPod is great for transferring music and audiobooks or podcasts onto and I wouldn’t be without my mobile broadband to check on things if I am away from my laptop.
  7. I volunteer a little of my time online for the worthy cause Invisible Youth Network. Invisible Youth is an organization endeavoring to make a difference by providing human, material and monetary resources for abused, homeless and at risk youth and related programs. Russell Hartshaw who was once homeless himself, is the Chairman and Founder of this organisation. My efforts at recruiting have been very random of late and if you are interested in helping in some way, please do… either by raising awareness of the cause or donating to it if you so desire.

Now there weren’t any rules for this so I am not going to specifically tag anyone, and if you feel like sharing some facts about yourself, link to this so it can be tracked back to the original meme and I look forward to reading up about you.

Have fun!


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  1. Thanks for doing this!

    You broke the tambourine! What a great sound they make! Sounds a blast!

    As for the parallel parking – I think it is now part of the driving test in the UK, but it wasn’t when I took my test years ago unfortunately!

    I’m also an ‘if all else fails, read the instructions’ sort of person 🙂

    Diane’s last blog post..A Night at the Movies

  2. Bonjour Ange!

    Now that was fun…getting to know you better.
    What a cool gal you are…and musical, too.
    Rock on!

    E.T. — what good memories.
    I saw it with my younger son.
    I remember thinking: what a
    beautiful message for kids…
    that beauty is skin deep.

    Hugs and love,
    Mudd a.k.a. Oza

  3. Hi Ange,

    Well, I took up your challenge, and technically may have listed more than seven, but what the heck – it is the Aussie day holiday anyway, right?

    Bit of fun…

    As for reverse parking, we park 45 degrees rear to curb here, and that is a challenge to some, but many get caught on parallel parking.



    Allan Cockerill’s last blog post..Seven Things About Me

  4. Now that 45 degrees rear to the curb sounds like it would be a challenge to me Allan… Happy Aussie Day holiday 🙂 Coming to check you out now!

  5. This kind of revelation will change the orientation of my blog. Seven things about me can turn into an autobiography! Anyway, I enjoyed reading about you and its a privilege to have known you.

    I’ll see how I can tweak seven things about me to fit the tone of my site! LOL! –Durano, done!

    Durano Lawayan’s last blog post..Blacks Bolster Barack’s Bid

  6. I saw ET when I was 10. Not my favorite movie of all time, though Spielberg is one of my favorite directors – Raiders of the Lost Ark, Saving Private Ryan, and AI are all high on my list.