Being, Landmark Education

Being versus Doing

Something we learn from the Landmark Forum is to create a way of being rather than doing certain things.  Doing is a function of the body, whereas being is a function of the soul.

We often think that doing certain things will make us happy, like for example, the work we do or the activities we participate in.  Instead, being a certain way is what will make us truly happy.

You can choose to be happy, sad, ecstatic, depressed, strong or weak.  Do you see the difference?  These are all ways of being and by choosing to be, we can overcome our actions which put us in a state that we sometimes would rather not be in.

Be aware of the ways in which you choose to be and know that in an instant you can be whatever your soul truly desires.  Your life always expresses the result of your most dominant thoughts.

Yours in Prosperity!