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Fitness Fun and the Laughing Group

How many of you do some kind of regular exercise? I have found over the years that I love to start a routine and then get so into it and then one day, it just stops. Does this sound like you or are you more disciplined than me?

We all know the benefits of regular exercise and that it does give you more energy to carry on through your day than if you don’t do any at all. Being fit is something that will keep you young not just physically, but also mentally. Having a fit and healthy body is beneficial to you and those around you as it makes you feel stronger, it keeps the blood flowing through your veins, and just makes you feel better generally.

The reason I bring this up is because I ran into a friend of mine last week who is a personal trainer and he invited me to join in on a Saturday morning gym group that he runs down at our local beach. This morning was a particularly glorious day so I walked to the location which overlooks the Sandringham Yacht Club, which is beautiful in itself, and joined Marc’s group.

There would have been around twenty people in all and I wasn’t sure what I was in for, but it was fun. Marc had us warm up by breaking into four groups, two groups opposite the other, and we had to run at each other and throw a ball as we crossed the other person. If you happened to drop the ball, everyone had to drop and do ten push-ups!! I dropped the ball twice so I wasn’t very popular 🙁

Then we had a set of exercises to do at our own pace and we would come back together at the end of the hour session for some stretching. Needless to say that my poor body is aching all over now and is in great need of a massage and some more stretching.

While we were going through our routines on the foreshore, there was another group of more mature people that gathered for what seemed like some kind of meeting until they started walking around in a circle and greeting each other with curious sounds and lots of laughter. I have heard of laughter therapy before but had never seen any group making each other laugh in a public place and I thought to myself… how cool is that! Here were a bunch of 60+ year olds laughing and dancing and roaring at each other on the Sandringham foreshore! I felt like graduating over to their group just to get in on the laughter.

Reward Yourself

I bring this up because we all know the benefits of a regular exercise routine so I won’t go into that. What I do want to say is that you also don’t need to beat yourself up if you don’t keep up with something regular. When choosing to take some kind of class or going for a walk, reward yourself by taking your iPod with your favorite music, audiobook or some thing that you are researching to listen to while you are doing your exercise as you can kill two birds with one stone and you don’t have to feel guilty that you are not at home doing housework or that you are missing out on some work that needs doing.

Some of you may choose to walk to the shops rather than drive, as not only is it exercise, but it is also good for the environment. Others may choose to just run around the block first thing every morning and that is all you need. You may even have a mini-tramp that is handy to take a break throughout your day and just jump for 5 or 10 minutes at different intervals when you get writers block or get distracted and need to get focused again.

Whatever you choose is great for you. If you have a regular routine, I take my hat off to you and if you don’t, just start slowly and get going with something that you can build on. There is no right or wrong way to do this as we each have our own set of circumstances and likes and dislikes. The best thing you can do is find a way to reward yourself for having taken something on that doesn’t have to cost anything like a bubble bath or just time out for you doing your favorite thing. A massage at least once a month is a good idea though if you are going to be engaging your body in some physical routine that it is not used to.

Take care of your body because it is the only one you get in this lifetime. Take time out to laugh and play everyday. Happy exercising and have fun with it 🙂


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  1. I took up advise like yours, some 4 years ago, and have never really regretted it. Well, I tell a lie, I complain straight after but I get over it quick enough and without carrying on like a pork chop.

    The hardest part is getting started. But once in the groove, the side benefits are many.

    This brings to mind one other bone of contention. People that criticize those on the larger size for exercising. They should reserve their bad comments for themselves.

    Anyway, keep up the good work Ange and again thank you.

    Peter McCartney
    Sydney Australia
    P.S. Laughter is the best medicine.

  2. That’s good to hear Peter. I agree that the hardest part is getting started with some form of exercise and when you do, the side benefits are many!

    As I said, there is no right or wrong way to exercise, whatever suits your needs is great for YOU 🙂 The whole idea is to do something.

    Just on that laughter as the best medicine… I’m sure that in your work as a nurse in one of the major hospitals in Australia, you would see many benefits in laughter as the best medicine so keep up what you are doing too. Not all of us could do the work you do. Thank you and take care.

  3. Personal Workout Program says: October 3, 2008 at 1:53 pm

    So true that the hardest thing to do is get started and that’s why, as you mentioned, it’s really important to reward yourself at the outset. Pretty much whatever it takes to get your rear in motion.

    Exercising outside usually makes it a little easier for folks to get and stay active as well.

    The beach has always been one of my favorite spots for a morning jog…

  4. Welcome Personal Workout Program!

    Being close to the beach does make it easier for me… it tends to be a favorite of mine too 🙂

  5. Mass Bodybuilding says: October 21, 2008 at 12:33 am

    That pretty much happens to anybody that exercises more then the average Joe. The great thing is if you know about it going in you can schedule in variety into your exercise routines so things don’t get stagnant and you stay interested and motivated.

    Rewarding yourself is another great way to go. I think the most important thing is to be flexible and to make your ultimate goal to just be active and healthy.

    Mass Bodybuildings last blog post..Train Your Weakest Muscles First When Using Bodybuilding Routines

  6. Welcome Mass Bodybuilding! I think your idea of making our ultimate goal to be active and healthy is a great one. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  7. Hello there Angesbiz, thanks for the post. I scour the web for personal development websites – i like them.
    I have established a routine of running daily and i started this 2 years ago.
    For me the challenge with routine is that i get bored and i don’t make much effort to change things. It may sound silly but i just can’t.

  8. No better way to relax your mind than to have a good laugh. It’s free, always available and makes other people happy too!