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Blogger Idol Contest Now Open at Flowers

You may be aware that I also write posts over at GO! Smell the Flowers blog and right now, they are running the Blog Idol contest. Mike French (whom I am racing for comments to posts, LOL) has very cleverly put this visual together to get the ball rolling. Please fave this and leave a comment to get it out there to the world.

GO! Smell the Flowers are searching for 3 bloggers to take the number of founders up to 20. These are the requirements:

1) Describe yourself in less than 20 words.
2) Details of your blogs URL and why you bother.
3) Why GO! Smell the flowers appeals to you.
4) What you can bring to the community.
5) What you’d like from the community.

Whether you have a story to tell, or you want exposure to your business, or you have had a book published, or are travelling the world blogging as you go, or not and want to start blogging… whether you have something to teach or even having a voice wanting to be heard… whatever your circumstances and expertise, Flowers Wants YOU!!

The contest closes on the 18th of March so get on over there and leave your details. One thing before you do… there are thorns as well as flowers in the garden so make sure to have a good look around to see your way through them 😉 Most of all, have fun and tell all your friends!


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    • Thanks B… I thought I would add a touch of my own to brighten it up… so much blue to see… and how uncanny are the likeness’ of Jim and Em to Simon and Sharon?

  1. Hi Zacj or is that a typo? Anyway, I saw your entry and I know you can bring some freshness to the community… all the best!! 🙂