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Janette ToralThis post was inspired by Janette Toral of Influential Blogger Dot Net. Janette Toral is a writer, SEO consultant, trainer, blogger, policy lobbyist, and entrepreneur from the Philippines and has a myriad of sites ranging from personal thoughts to successful business models. You can find a full list of her sites here, on her blogger profile (if I have missed some, please comment Janette 😉 )

Janette is always finding ways to promote new and existing blogs so that they may find their way to you the reader and she has asked for help in that bloggers take part in this writing project and name some blogs which have gained readership and have a following. The blogs must also be no older than July 1st 2007, so look out bloggers that are not even one year old!

My list that I have come up with to date is as follows and please note that I can name up to ten blogs and edit this post as I add to it so here goes:

I know you have heard me mention Sean Rasmussen from Sean Rasmussen Dot Com a few times on this blog already and the reason why is because he truly writes a great blog! He’s motivating, inspiring, walks the talk and has gained a good readership since starting his personal blog in September last year.

Durano Lawayan aka Brad Spit, is another blogger who has a great following. The Spitting Vessel is a place where you can spit your mind out, in disgust or in jest, so long as you feel it is a wrong that must be corrected, as the tag line suggests. Great reading for anyone.

Carole Fogarty from the Healthy Living Lounge has many tips for exactly that – Healthy Living – and a must to see and read. Carole also runs women’s retreats in Bali and has extensive knowledge in Yoga and all things alternative to keep your body, mind and soul at peace. Well worth the read.

For now I will leave it at that and update as I come across more outstanding blogs. There are so many and I have to be wary of their start up dates as there is a restriction as to how old your blog can be. Janette will add these blogs to a list on her site as she updates on a weekly basis. If you would like to take part, please feel free to get the word around so that other great blogs may be discovered. Thank you Janette for running this project.


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  1. Hi Ange,

    Thanks for the compliment and the recommendation. Totally unexpected but appreciatively accepted. 🙂

    I’ll check out the writing project link and would definitely participate. I would recommend your site too. I was attracted to this site the first time I saw it. What you write and post about is what the world needs to re-feel and rediscover.
    🙂 –Durano, done!

    durano lawayans last blog post..Grief for a Gone Generation

  2. Durano and Carole, you are both very worthy to be recognized in this way. I know you and your blogs will be read by many, many more people as you both provide great content and get involved with the community.

    Thanks for coming my way 🙂

  3. Neat post. I always enjoy personal recommendations. It’s one of the best ways to find new reading material.

    Pentads last blog post..Infidelity. Is it a relationship deal breaker?

  4. @Pentad glad to help. You have a great blog too. Interesting question you pose about Infidelity. Nice work!

    @Sean Your blog has grown in leaps and bounds since it’s beginnings and you offer very practical information for anyone wanting to use a bit of self-help. Very worthy to be nominated 🙂

  5. Peter McCartney says: May 29, 2008 at 9:19 pm

    Hi! Just popping by to say thank you for all your support and help during the last 12 months. You have been fantastic and I greatly appreciate all that you have done. I will definitely check out Janette Toral’s site – another great tip by the sounds of things. Take Care – Peter

  6. Check my blog too. It’s all about investments, entrepreneurship, personal finance, money management, and business. It features articles on stories of entrepreneurs and my own journey towards achieving financial freedom. Hope you include my blog. 🙂

    Aspiring Entrepreneurs last blog post..Falling Investments