A Prosperity Blessing

It seems that recently, I have been very blessed with many new friendships and community building here online. I have received not one, but two Be The Blog awards from Diane at Much of a Muchness, and also from Colin at Life which I am honoured to accept.

The blogging badge was made by Mark at Me and My Drum to be given to bloggers who make their blog their own, stay with it, interact with their readers and have fun. Mark also said that these bloggers are showing time and time again that they are true to themselves and that they ARE their blog. So here it is:

btw pink smoothie

To show my gratitude, I will pay this forward to:

Self Improvement Journal
St Vincents Hospital Darlinghurst-Male Nurses
The Healthy Living Lounge
SU Comments
The View from Here
Derek Semmler dot com

… and guys, don’t worry as it comes in three color choices πŸ™‚

Also, Mike at The View from Here, has just sent me the Community Blog Award and I will pay it forward to Simon at Simons Money Notes, a young entrepreneur who has come back to blogging after setting up some other business’.

The Community Blog Award celebrates people who reach out and makes the blogger community a better one. It also underlines the importance of a blogs readership community, one of the most rewarding parts about blogging. It’s the people that come back to comment, adding to the conversation, making you feel like someone is listening and interested.

Prosperity Blessing

For all of you reading this, I would like to pass on this Prosperity Blessing which came my way today. It has been a rather busy day!

  • May you be blessed with an amazingly abundant day today.
  • May the clouds break and the heavens pour down upon you more joy, more love, more laughter and more money than you could have ever dreamed of.
  • May the sun shine its golden light of prosperity through every cell of your extraordinary body.
  • May you be cleansed today of any resistance or feelings of unworthiness that you may still be holding onto.
  • May your false illusions of doubt, fear and scarcity gently fall away like soft white feathers on a gentle breeze.
  • May you be willing, simply willing, to allow the Universe to shower you with miracles today.
  • May the Angels wrap you in their shining wings of opulence.
  • May the fairies deliver you to their pot of gold at the end of a majestic rainbow.
  • May your eyes shine with the glorious truth of who you really are and may that truth uplift others in your presence to their own inner knowing.
  • May your ears hear the sound of perfection ringing in your soul.
  • May you taste the deliciousness of every precious bite of life as your day unfolds moment by moment with amazing grace, heartfelt love and a bounty of magnificent money.
  • As this day ends, may you slumber wrapped in an exquisite blanket of enduring peace and profound gratitude.
  • And may the last words you speak today be Thank You!

This was passed on to me via email from Veronica M. Hay who is the author of In a Dream, You can do anything. A Collection of Words. You can visit her website at: Insights and Inspirations Dot Com

Thank You


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  1. Gosh Ange, thank you so much! I really am honored that you would send this my way. I do love blogging and the friendships I have made through this venture.

    It’s so nice to take a peek behind the curtain and see what’s going on in other blogger’s virtual living rooms. Thanks again for award. I can’t wait to see what colors it comes in! Oh I hope there’s purple!

  2. @Mike… that badge will look great in your Tate Gallery and your blog is a nice hangout. Thank you for coming my way πŸ™‚

    @Mark… It’s a really nice badge and it fits well here. My community is growing and the interaction is fun. Thank you for creating it. Well done!

    @cardiogirl… you are a breath of fresh air with your low Converse tops. I’m sure you will find a way to fit this badge on your lovely blog πŸ™‚

  3. Hi! Ange. It will be my pleasure to accept this award and congratulations on receiving your award. I’m also very thankful for the friends that I have made along the way. It just blows me away! Thank you for your support and friendship – regards Peter!

    Peter McCartney’s last blog post..To be, or not to be a nurse

  4. Hi Peter, I’m glad you like it. You do a wonderful job with not only your blog, but your work πŸ™‚ Yes, I too am blown away with the friendships online and it just goes to show what a great community it is. I look forward to seeing it on there.

  5. Hey Carole πŸ™‚

    It is great to connect with fellow Aussie’s and your blog has been very helpful to me so I wanted to pass it on.

    I love Twitter and I look forward to seeing your chocolates and Chai tidbits on there.

    Heathy Living!

  6. Jamie! Thanks for dropping by to collect your award. My readers can learn a lot from your work on the how to’s of building SEO websites and what Google likes to see – I know mine doesn’t load quick enough… lol – and, they can also enjoy some offbeat stuff along the way.

    Happy website building!

  7. Wow, Ange! Congrats on receiving two awards!! And thank you for mine…it’s my first, so it gets its own place of honor. πŸ™‚

    Teeg’s last blog post..Technorizing Stumbleupon

  8. Thanks Teeg πŸ™‚ I know this will look great on SU Comments and you give very helpful tips for all of us StumbleUpon users. I love your blog!!

  9. Jaime Bergman says: November 21, 2007 at 2:53 pm

    Hello webmaster…I Googled for jamie jaime, but found your page about Prosperity Blessing | Personal Development | Jamie McIntyre | Wealth Creation |…and have to say thanks. nice read.

  10. Hi Ange — Came across your blog searching “philosophy” blogs, which I’ve found to be a rich search term. Congrats on the awards — I’m fairly new at this but I aspire to build a meaningful community around my blog.

  11. Welcome Dr Bill Thomas πŸ™‚

    It seems that philosophy is a rich search term!

    Thank you for visiting and I took a quick look at your blog and will be back for more. You have some rather interesting articles that I wish to read. I’m sure that your community will grow from nurturing your blog and connecting with like-minded people. You are most welcome to join the blogging communities at any time.