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Emotional Intelligence And Personal Development

Following on from my last post about Forgiveness and Emotional Intelligence, I had some rather interesting responses which prompted me to write this one. We are close to the end of the year which is a time for reflection for most of us, and in looking back, there may be some aspects of your life […]

Landmark Education

Out of Action

Hey… I have been rather tied up of late and have unfortunately not been here for a while.  Actually, I am about to embark of the Landmark Advanced Forum tomorrow, so that will take me out of action for a few more days still. I just wanted to come in and let you know what […]

Being, Landmark Education

Being versus Doing

Something we learn from the Landmark Forum is to create a way of being rather than doing certain things.  Doing is a function of the body, whereas being is a function of the soul. We often think that doing certain things will make us happy, like for example, the work we do or the activities […]