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Mankind Is No Island

Mankind Is No Island – Tropfest NY 2008 This video – Mankind Is No Island – was sent to me by one of my Facebook friends and I have to say that the message portrayed here is very powerful. It was made entirely on a mobile phone as an entry for Tropfest NY 2008. Jason […]

Personal Development

I Love You Part 2

A short time ago I wrote that I Love You and it attracted some attention. I was sent this image by a friend and thought to use it here. How many times have you done something embarrassing or hurtful without intention to the one you LOVE? Now I’m sure this little fellow didn’t mean it […]

Personal Development

Acts of Kindness


Over the last few weeks this site has had some strange happenings going on and I am putting it down to my lack of attention to it. You can liken it to a car for example. If you don’t put petrol in it, it won’t go!! To my loyal readers, for this I apologise in […]

Personal Development

Think Before You Speak

quick to listen slow to speak slow to anger

Have you ever had something happen to you that made you angry and because of this, you said hurtful words to a loved one without meaning too? I was visiting with some friends the other day and they were having a new oven delivered. Upon unwrapping the oven it was obvious that they had received […]