Personal Development

Perception is Projection

Isn’t it funny how some people notice all the things that are not working in their lives, while there are others who notice all the good things in their lives and who seem to be aware of all the opportunities that are available to them. Perception is projection is why this is so. How you […]

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Emotional Intelligence And Personal Development

Following on from my last post about Forgiveness and Emotional Intelligence, I had some rather interesting responses which prompted me to write this one. We are close to the end of the year which is a time for reflection for most of us, and in looking back, there may be some aspects of your life […]

Personal Development

Bringing Chaos Into Order

This last week has been rather busy keeping up with birthday parties and other family celebrations. In other words, I have been distracted in bringing chaos into order and I have not brought you anything new. Some of you may think that having an order for everything is the only way to live. Tell me […]

Personal Development

Do You Think Too Much

Does this sound like yours truly? You lie awake at night stressing about not-very-meaningful conversations you have had during the day and formulating the witty comebacks you should have said? OR maybe you constantly worry that you have made the wrong career choices? AND perhaps you’re even haunted by negative thoughts about your body, health […]