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Your Guide To Happiness 101

First, let’s establish what Happiness is. When I searched wikipedia for Happiness, this is what it returned. “Happiness is an emotion associated with feelings ranging from contentment and satisfaction to bliss and intense joy.” There sure are a lot of words in there. So how do we know the difference from feeling contentment, satisfaction, bliss […]

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Emotional Intelligence And Personal Development

Following on from my last post about Forgiveness and Emotional Intelligence, I had some rather interesting responses which prompted me to write this one. We are close to the end of the year which is a time for reflection for most of us, and in looking back, there may be some aspects of your life […]

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I Know I Can

I was sent this little story in an email and it shows us how powerful our thougths can be.  Through dominating thoughts in our conscious mind we voluntarily influence our sub-conscious, it doesn’t matter if these thoughts are negative or positive the sub-conscious will accept either.  I felt it needed to be shared so here it […]

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The Coach and Brock

A friend who I have never met introduced me to this very powerful video… so powerful in fact that for all of you who ever thought of quitting when the going gets tough… think again… you CAN do it… watch this…


As a Man Thinketh…

What is thought?  Thought is to invent or conceive something.  Thought is energy.  Cosmic waves that penetrate space.  We can choose to think anything we want as we have free will.   Sometimes we let our circumstances hold us up in going for our dreams.  Kick against them and make them work for you instead.  Use them […]