We Are One

Yes… I am back home now and as much as it’s great to go away… it’s also great to come back home. I have had some time to think through things for this coming year and will get to posting some more on emotional intelligence and other mind bending subjects to make you think very soon.

This video I am posting today is something that makes me feel connected with you. Although we are in different places all over the world, I believe we are one. This project was put together by a community of 40 people who only know each other through cyberspace. Is this something that makes you feel connected too?

Unfortunately, this video is no longer available 🙁


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  1. Welcome home Angesbiz!

    It seems however that you are the one who welcomed me with this touching video that expresses the truth about the human race; a truth governments do not seem to know, refuse to accept, or care much about. A singularity of purpose that politics relentlessly distorts, and fundamental religious beliefs demolish with impunity.

    Its difficult to fathom why the human race, living in a single planet, cannot come to a consensus on how to care for the environment, see to the health and welfare of all citizens of humanity, and equally share the benefits derived from the earth. Why it is so difficult to see the beauty of individual differences, and accept the dynamics of cultural and religious beliefs, is hard to comprehend.

    That a lot of hate exists and deep seated intolerance abound does not dissipate nor diminish the power of love, the significance of unity, and the leverage of justice and truth.

    I believe we can still get a lot more spins from a world that has taken quite a beating, if the healing process of being one with everyone continues to reach a much wider following that cuts across race, religion, and creed. We are one, and we will aspire to be so. Thanks.–Durano, done!

    Durano Lawayan’s last blog post..Hispanics Hoist Hillary

  2. Hum! Hum! How can these folks be ONE when they don’t have a single French-speaking dude on their cyber team huh?! Ha! 😉

    Nah, Angie, WE are one, us flower dudes! Amongst us we speak more languages than the video people ha!

    Bridget’s real-life.. or rather, cyber-life! experience:

    She never believed in all that jazz of cyber bonding bla bla bla.. until she stumbled across Flowers, and started getting to know people individually and as a team.

    Now she misses Angie and Aussie when they go on vacation, she feels sorry for Sarah and Diane for what they’ve been/ are going through. Gets distressed when Gary is pushed into leaving!

    Ohlala! And cyber-dudes all of you! CYBER-dudes ha!

    GREAT post Angie, same at Flowers this week maybe..? Who knows, Mike may even come up with a video of all our voices ha! 😉

  3. @Durano – great post!

    Thank you for the welcome 🙂 I agree with every word you said. We certainly are one and to spread the message so that all of mankind can join in is a task that is underway… the more we share this… the more people will get on board. It’s not rocket science.

    @Bridget Jones

    Perhaps you have to be edited in to be the French speaking girl 😉

    I have sent an email admin to get the video posted and yes… somehow, strangers can become quite good buddies in cyberspace without realising it.

    Just one thing Bridget, I can understand why you would get distressed about those things, but guess what? You are the only one it affects. It doesn’t help the situation and it only brings YOU down and no-one else. Chin up and keep smiling remember… it is just what’s so and so be it! I have a feeling that Gary won’t be able to stay away too long… I could be wrong however and he could end up in a circus full of dwarves… LOL.

    …. oh… with your blog… I meant every word 🙂