Focus on Contribution

A friend once told me… “Your life isn’t just about you.  If you want to be rich in the truest sense of the word, you must contribute to other people’s lives.”

Wow!  Did that hit you right between the eyes?  So much time is spent on what we want for ourselves that our focus remains on us.  We are selfish to a point where if we do not  get what we want, then we start to play the role of a victim.

This is the herd mentality that I wrote about the other day.

Instead, if we focus on contribution and how we could help out others, our lives could be so much more rewarding.  Add value to every person you meet every day.  It could be the girl behind the counter at your local bakery or the elderly person who bumps into you walking down the street. It could even be that person who cut you off in traffic, or that dreaded telemarketing caller.  Send them a silent blessing or just smile.

Being rich in the truest sense encompasses all of the areas of our lives.  I am talking about Relationships, Health, Financial, Spiritual, Vocational and Mental.  Imagine being wealthy and not having the relationship of your dreams to share it with.  All of these areas in your life are important and having a wholistic approach to them can certainly increase the energy that you have which will in turn attract to you the things that you want.

Live your life to the fullest, work on the areas that need it and have yourself a most outstanding day!