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Inspiring Story for Life

Making a contribution to others is a great experience. Just last night, my partner was reading through some of my older posts. He doesn’t get much time to read my blog and so he thought he would make the effort.

I was out with the girls for dinner so he was left to his own devices, and he must have been missing me to do some reading. I received a text from him later into the night to say that what I wrote was really inspiring … and that’s coming from a man who normally reads the NBA news and results!

Today, I want to give you this inspiring story of life to pay it forward to your friends. Live your life and do the things you love before it’s too late. Show your enthusiasm for life so that others will be touched by what you do. Create your day from the moment you wake up and say I’m having a great day! The rest will follow.

I will leave you to enjoy this.

Dedicated to Success!


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  1. Thanks Allan!

    I had never thought of it that way. It’s true … I can forget what I have posted to a degree, not even thinking that my loved ones will read it, and I do have my favorite posts and I know exactly where to find them if I need to 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing the video, Ange! It is a reminder (to me, at least) to appreciate what we have, and to keep it simple. As a 42 year old dad, I sometimes find my self shaking my head at the crisis my kids find themselves embroiled in, only to recall that I was much the same and at times worse when I was their age.

    Your post is a reminder that our contribution keeps giving, sometimes in unexpected and surprising ways.

    Keep up the good work 🙂

  3. Hey Marc! It’s the little things that go unnoticed that do make a difference. We may not think so at the time, but we leave footprints, as Allan mentioned, that can be treasures for years to come. All we have to do is love our kids for who they are and through this, they will contribute in their own way.

    Have an excellent weekend everyone of you 🙂

  4. Thanks Brian! The affirmations are motivating and it is very important not to beat yourself up for choices you make that may not move you forward. There are always more choices to make.

    The clip is an oldie but a goodie and we need reminding from time to time to take time out and smell the roses…. er… the flowers!

    Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  5. Again, I am Buzzing with Ange!

    Timely and thoughtful video. Thank You.

    And your guy is reading your writing, missing you, texting you,
    while you’re out to dinner with the girls.

    I assume you’re wearing a ‘Life is good’ T-shirt tomorrow? 😉

    Thanks again for another cool footprint.

  6. Great find Ange.

    There were alot of great motivating affirmations. Love, gratitude, respect, patience and especially not beating yourself up for making choices, especially the bad ones to name a few. All great attributes.

    Made me feel really good, thanks.

    Wealth Education for Life

  7. Hi! Very much the same for me. My youngest brother said he didn’t really know me until he started to read my blog. A bit sad really but I appreciated his comment.

    The clip is not just a clip, it’s an inspirational and heart warming clip. Viewing it will certainly make you feel better and make you think about family and friends, as it did for me. Thank you for sharing this.

    Peter McCartney

    Peter McCartney’s last blog post..Patient Care Satisfaction Questionnaire

  8. @NextInstinct
    I’m glad you enjoy Buzzing with Ange 🙂 … Life is absolutely wonderful!! Thank you for stopping by.

    I know exactly what you mean. Sharing does not always have to be in the form of spoken words. If family and friends would take the time to read a little of what we express in our blogs, they would realize that it is a way of expressing what we truly feel and need to get out there that otherwise may not come out naturally in conversation.

    Writing is a great way to share and that’s why I love this medium. It opens a window of opportunity and as has been said already… we leave footprints of our lives for others to discover and cherish long after we are unable to do this anymore.

    Blessed Be