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Joe Vitale and His 15 Minute Miracle

This is a fiery and inspiring talk in Maui. I nailed their feet to the floor and lifted their hearts to the sky. By Joe Vitale. Videotaped at Unity Church of Maui.

In this video, Joe talks about a miracle. Two years earlier, Joe had heard about a very unusual therapist in Hawaii by the name of Dr Len who is regarded as a grandfatherly shaman. Listen to his incredible story as Joe explains how Dr Len miraculously healed a whole ward of dangerous mental patients without even seeing them!

Dr Joe Vitale, also known as Mr Fire, is a Spiritual Marketer amongst other things. Can those two words be used together? Well Joe has and actually, he has a book published called Spiritual MarketingA Proven 5-Step Formula for Easily Creating Wealth from the Inside Out. In fact, there are way too many books by Joe for me to list here. This one is freely available on the Internet and I wanted to pass this along to you.

What are your thoughts about this method of healing? Have you heard of the Ho’oponopono healing which Dr Len uses?


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  1. Dear Jamie,

    I really enjoyed this post on Ho’oponopono

    I have made my Summary notes on Joe Vitale and Dr Hew Len’s wonderful book “Zero Limits” available at:

    Making these notes has really helped me in better understanding Ho’oponopono, and I hope that you enjoy them and find them beneficial.

    I encourage your feedback.

    Kind regards,

    Saul Maraney
    Johannesburg, South Africa

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  2. Hi Saul, WOW!!! that is some list you have there. I have the “idea” of Ho’oponopono and ever since I first came across the Zero Limits site, I have used the chant on occasion when there has been some memory which I have wanted to cleanse or someone that has needed help or been worried and it truly makes difference to how I perceive things after it is said and done.

    I can tell that I must be more diligent in how I approach this from now on so I thank you for bringing it to my attention. It is an ongoing process and when we find what is in within ourselves that has caused pain to us and others, we can then free ourselves from the memory by acknowledging it, forgiving, giving thanks and feeling the love.

    #17 “Zero is the residence of ME and Divinity. It is the place from where and from Whom all Blessings, wealth and peace flow.”

    This is a good one to repeat as an affirmation. Just reading it once already made me feel “lighter.”

    I will certainly pass this along for you and reach as many readers as I can. I think I will even print it out to put up on my wall as a daily reminder.

    Blessed Be

    Ange (not Jamie) 🙂

  3. Hi Ange,

    15 years ago I went to Hawaii and studied the ancient Kahuna healing techniques with a few girl friends.

    Even though the western world suppressed these teachings including the hula dance which is powerful in itself it is wonderful to see aspects of it now reaching our world.

    I am in awe of the universal energy which surrounds us and whatever modality you use to tapp into it will prove rewarding.

    Joe Vitale seems to have softened with age. He’s definately calmer.

    Peace, love and chocolate


  4. When I say healing it is not just physical healing but emotional and souls as well. To have a body wellness are considered wealth that is why so many people spending their money to but any kinds of food supplement just to have a body wellness. kahuna healing
    Having a retreat and taking some relaxation will some how have a therapeutic effect to a person that will heal and restore the wellness of the body together with the souls and spirit.