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Social Media Charity Event To Help Fight Lymphoma

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be given the odds that your life may not last as long as you would want it too? What would you do to help someone who was given an expiry date by their doctor? It’s funny how when you get introduced to people through social networking, new friendships are borne and today I would like to tell you about one of those friendships. You know that I am always out to help a cause I feel is worthy… and besides, the lovely Tinu tagged me for this meme.

About one month ago, I came across Marty Weintraub over at Aim Clear who recently wrote a very endearing post telling us how he had been diagnosed with stage 3b Lymphoma. As he said, even today, to hear those words is like an eerie insight as to what it’s like to receive the heartbreaking Lymphoma diagnosis. I couldn’t even begin to imagine what those words would sound like to me. Marty is now in recovery with “first partial remission” and a good prognosis for long term survival and wants his friends to highlight an upcoming event to help raise funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Internet Marketers of New York

I would like to bring to your attention this event which will be held in NY on Monday, 15th October 2007. It is being held the evening before the SMX Social Media which is a two-day show where marketers will learn to harness the power of consumer engagement. If you happen to be in the area, it would be great of you to support the event by attending. You can find all the details here at

If you are not in the vicinity, there are other ways to help if you feel a need to do so. One of those ways is to write about the event in you own blog and pass on the awareness so that the news reaches as many people as possible. For this purpose, I will be tagging Sandra, Chris, Jim and Emma, Yogi, and Karla.

Raise awareness anyway you can and let’s make a difference to the those who suffer with this kind of dis-ease.

May You Be Blessed



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  1. Hi Ange,

    I added you to my thank you post for all the quality bloggers who posted about Marty’s charity support request. I included links to both the related posts, the bloggers’ home pages and their full names too so we can all “meet” each other.

    Welcome to an extended online family of bloggers. I hope you can drop by and see everyone. I’ll be back and will share your posts at SU and elsewhere.