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Social Transformation

There is something going on that is so big that it is actually the biggest social transformation of humanity in the history of this planet. I was introduced to this movie “The Shift” which is about making the world a better place and it is an opportunity to make your life mean something in the process of changing the world. We all know that when we are at war, nobody wins. We are all losers. Not to mention the damage that has been done to the planet with Global Warming.

If our collective consciousness is in alignment with the shift of this transformation and enough of the population know about this, imagine how powerful we as human beings can move this process along?

This is something that has to be passed on to everyone you know so we can spread the word to the masses and can have an affect in shifting their way of thinking.

Watch the movie here and blessings to you all



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  1. Hi Ange just watched the Video, I get the idea behind what they are trying to do but where do you go from here? or is it a matter of waiting till spring 2008?

    Scott (TDC)

  2. Hey Scott

    The Shift still needs funds to help finish the movie. As our awareness grows and the more people know about this, the greater the chances of it being a major landmark in our history.

    There is a link in the post which goes to The Shift official website and from there, you can make a donation towards the project.

    I know of one lovely lady, Lisa, who was inspired by this and has created a site from which a portion of the profits will be donated to the making of the film. You can view this here

    Let everyone know about this and the further it goes, the more impact it will have on humanity.

    Peace on Earth


  3. Hey Craig… welcome to Buzzing with Ange and thanks for taking the time to leave me a comment. The Shift movie will be released sometime very soon… they have been working on it for a while now. I love the possibilities of it and will keep passing it around.