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The Art Of Fulfillment

Today I received an email from Frank Kern of Mass Control titled “Stolen Video” and I had to take a look as it didn’t say much else. To my surprise, it was a video from the TED Talks series and I had to post it here because about 10 months ago, I wrote a post on this very subject taught to me by Jamie McIntyre!

I think that Tony Robbins does a much better job of explaining this in the video, so take a look and watch out for a Nobel Peace Prize winner in the audience who gets Tony’s attention.


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  1. I have seen this twice before & the goosebumps still formed as they always do when I listen Anthony Robbins speak . In the last 12 months my life has taken a totally new direction , from one of dissapointment & depression to a now exciting and meaningful journey, which I share with my wife of 36 years. This has been made possible by a small group of people who are now either a friend or a mentor, with a lump in my throat I am so proud today to say Angela Recchia is one of that group as a close & dear friend , the other being Anthony Robbins ,who I will be going to see this september is another as 1 of my mentors.
    They both have played a huge part in the direction my life has taken, thankyou both Anthony & ANGE.

  2. WOW! I think Tony Robbins is one of the best in the business. I have watched a few of his videos. This one is super. I’ve jotted notes down to follow up on and I need to get that first quote that comes up on the screen so I will have to double back.

    Thank you.


    Nick Grimshawes last blog post..Terror, Terrorism and Tea

  3. Richard Colum says: October 10, 2008 at 7:10 pm

    Thanks Ange this is great, I love motivational vidio’s. really good

    Regards RichardColum