Do you notice when you are in a conversation if you are really listening and present to what the other person is saying?  I mean are you actually putting yourself in their shoes and understanding where they are coming from?  It’s a funny thing conversing with others.  We tend to only hear what we want to hear most of the time and already have an idea in our heads about what we want it to mean before it has even been explained to us.

I was in a workshop a little while back where we had to partner up and each of us had to talk for 5 minutes without the other person saying a word.  The person who was doing the listening could not say anything for that whole 5 minutes.  Try it and see how hard it is to do.  Not just the listening, but the talking too.  The idea was for the listener to be present in the conversation and really get what their partner was talking about.

It’s easy to get distracted to with the busy lives we live today.  There are always a million things to worry about.  Trivial things mostly that stop us from really connecting with one another.  Next time you are in a conversation with someone, stop and think, “am I present in this conversation” and if you are not, you will soon learn to be.

Yours in Prosperity!