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May You Be Blessed

Blessings come in many forms and when you are blessed, it is appropriate to celebrate as they are gifts to you. When you choose to be open and receive blessings, your perspective of life is changed for the better. When you are in alignment with what the Universe is bringing you, you will be pleasantly surprised at what shows up.

Law of Attraction

Last night I was involved in a group conversation and the Law of Attraction was one of the topics of course. I will share a story with you.

Amber was tired of driving around in her bomb of a car and really wanted a 4WD. A mutual friend told her to just imagine that when she was driving around to feel like what it would be like to be in a 4WD and believe that her car was actually a 4WD… not any particular model, just a 4WD. So every time she would jump into her shitty little car, she would sit with her head held high and it felt great.

About three months later, her parents told her that they didn’t want her driving around in an unreliable car so they gave her $30,000 to go and buy herself a new car and off she went to buy her 4WD. She didn’t have to save for it or even know how it would be possible, just believing and feeling what it would be like brought the car to her.

So today, I want to share this short movie with you. This movie has touched many people over and over again and I just couldn’t put it any better than to just show you.

The May You Be Blessed site is wanting to reach 1 billion people with this movie by October 18th 2008, so go and watch it and pay it forward to all your friends. It will make your day.

Count Your Blessings