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I Have a New Tool that I Am Testing

I was introduced to the Windows Live Writer so it is installed and this is my test post. If all goes well, then you will be reading this and perhaps it is something that you could use for your blogging.

While I am testing, I would like to thank some of my friends in the blogosphere, some whom I have met and have been learning from since I started the Thirty Day Challenge, and some from other blogging communities.

So the list goes like this (in no particular order):

John Harmon, The Research Guru where you will find a wealth of information to help you with your blogging

Adam Sutcliffe, The 30 Day Man who invited me over to his blog for my first guest post

Jamie Le Souef, My Tech Guy and good friend who has helped me with technical issues

Sean Rasmussen, The Bullhunter my mentor

Simon Rodrigues, Simon’s Money Notes a very busy entrepreneur

Sandra WIlliams, Suite101.com, lots of great articles to be found here

Adam Every, who I want to thank for my beautiful and humanitarian badges

Christopher Tysh, a self-improvement and inspirational guy who is on the same page as me

Elisabeth Cooksey, who writes about making money online and also homeschools her children – busy lady

and I would like to introduce you to Glenda Watson Hyatt the Left Thumb blogger who I had the privilege to hook up with on Facebook, watch this and tell me you’re not inspired to live your dreams

Don’t forget that you can vote for Glenda to get paid to blog for one year and you can vote everyday until the 31st of December 2007.

So if you test this software out for yourself, let me know what you think of it and if it is useful to you.

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  1. Hey there. I just wanted to say that I’ve been using this tool for almost a year now and I love it. Like any program you will find stuff that is not perfect, but nothing so noticeable that it takes any points away from this app. Although I have been using it on Windows Live Spaces, I need to try it on Blogger to see how it works there.

    You have a nice blog. I’ll have to come back when I’m not working and read some more. 🙂

  2. Hey Genek, I installed it because I couldn’t get YouTube videos on my blog anymore and this was a way to do it 🙂

    I will be using it again when I get my act together with my Free Hugs footage… it is driving me nuts, I mean it is a real challenge to get the right software to convert it and edit it with but I think I have stumbled onto something I can use now so keep an eye out for it.

    Thanks for visiting!

  3. Yes! The plugins are easy to use and you are absolutely right about the pinging service.

    Good to hear someone is enjoying the benefits of this tool.

  4. I’ve been using Windows Live Writer for quite some time, and I love it. The pinging service is great, and it offers some excellent plug-ins.

    Shane Vander Hart’s last blog post..Facebook