Guest post by Michaela, Ange's niece

Hello to all ( : Ange left her laptop open so I decided to sneak a post in before she noticed.

My name’s Michaela. I am Ange’s niece, 14 years young. There’s really not much to write, mainly because I don’t really know what my auntie does on here. But I’m going to say this, Ange is the craziest aunt I have. Meaning crazy in a good way. She loves her family and friends and cares deeply about what’s going on around her. For that, I love and admirer her.

I don’t find her on the adventurous scale, and I somehow don’t think The Kakoda Trail was such a good choice of adventure for her, but I know she’ll survive it ( : I think one of the most caring things she has done in the past is ‘FREE HUGS DAY MELBOURNE’.

She has a strong mind and always has her own opinion. If you dislike well trust me, you’re missing out.

I think I’m done on here. Thanks for reading about my auntie Ange ( : Much love to all, especially the one this is about.



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  1. Aawwww gee thanks Michaela… you’re a sweetie 🙂 I had no idea this is what you were up too… you cheeky thing you 😉 You will have to get your own blog now you realise… you have started something here.

  2. Now then Ange – come clean there is no such person as Michaela – it was you wasn’t it ! LOL

    I’m going to try this . how about …

    Mike’s son here – you know Mike ( er I mean my Dad) is just amazing – just the greatest ever – he helps old ladies across the road and does their shopping for them, then one time he sold his house and gave all his money to a homeless man begging in town – then right – this is the good bit he took us all on holiday – although when i asked him about the beggar – holiday thing – he did tell me to shut up and not to talk about him – in fact he didn’t really look like a beggar at all – more mafia like – anyway ho hum – o whoops here comes Dad bye

    What the hell is all this? Sorry Ange.

  3. LOL Mike… now being a writer, I would expect something like that from you 😉

    The story is that we had the family over to celebrate my daughter’s birthday and my niece, Michaela, was sitting next to me watching what I was doing. I got up and she jumped in my seat and said she wanted to write something and told me not to look! So I let her type away and when I got back, she said she wanted to publish it and at first I thought “no” but she insisted and said to trust her. If I had of insisted and not let her, I would have given her the message that I didn’t have faith in her, which I do, so hey, why not! It is a personal blog and she is family, so I let her.

    I believe it has given her a boost and for a teenager who is very impressionable, is a good thing. Now I have to get her onto her own blog and let me guest post there 😉 Satisfied?

  4. LOL!

    Hee hee – a guest blogger hey!

    We love it – the more group hugs the better…..

    BTW Ange – someone has stolen you flowers founder badge from here


    Group hugs all round – enjoy your weekend!

    Jim & Em

  5. What the… maybe my niece took it with her when she was here… I can’t be missing the flowers badge… investigating it as I type this.

    Thanks for the HUGS!!!

  6. O dear Mike!! Would you like me to send my niece over to guest blog on yours? O wait!! You HAVE guests on yours now being a magazine and all… lets have a drink to toast our guests… what do you say? My shout 😉

  7. Hi Ange,

    I think Michaela’s description of you fits you to a ‘T’. I must admit that I only know you from your pictures and writing but her comments have only reinforced my existing image of you. I first met you online during last year’s TDC but I remember seeing a few pictures from “FREE HUGS DAY MELBOURNE” and thinking “Now there is a really nice lady”. I enjoy dropping by ‘angesbiz’ to see what’s on your mind and now I guess I have to start looking in on ‘michaelaisme’ – she seems to be off to a good start.

    All the best from the Great White North,

    Don Whites last blog post..Not the ‘Cover of the Rolling Stone’ but…