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Free Hugs Day in Melbourne

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free hugs day Melbourne angesbizThe Free Hugs Campaign in Melbourne on Monay was a blast. I headed into the Docklands with my fellow Thirty Day Challenger Brendan McNally and we almost got blown away by the wind so we decided to go into the Bourke St Mall where it would be a little more protected and I’m glad we did.

It’s funny how people react and for the most part and we gave and received some very big hugs. There were also those who took a wide berth, mainly the corporate types but I did manage to get some of the suits hugging me 🙂

There were all sorts of people in need of the human touch and one little boy especially who was nudged towards me by his mother. He would have been maybe 2 years old and his mother told him to get a hug from me because she never hugs him… ever. Having two little girls myself, my heart just broke so I spoke with him for a few minutes as he hesitantly came my way. Eventually he got close enough and accepted my hug. He was really sweet.

I feel for those people in the world who just don’t have that capability of being able to express themselves in this way. It is a form of love and healing when you touch another person and the warmth and energy that you get from a hug is just incredible. There is always room for more hugs in this world.

I think that my energy was zapped by the end of the day as I would have passed it on to those in need. I was truly exhausted and wouldn’t change a thing about the day (except my cameramen, perhaps). Moving right along.

free hugs day Melbourne angesbizThere were also many highschool students around doing various projects around the CBD and this group in the photo here came up and mobbed me in a group hug. They actually couldn’t help themselves and kept coming back again and again. It was really great.

All in all, I wanted to get out there and Make A Difference to the lives of those who wanted me too. The Free Hugs Campaign which started with Juan Mann in Sydney, is all around the world now and speaking of which, I must thank Sam who is a seasoned hugger and goes to many of these events in his travels all around the world. He showed up after I posted in the forum at the main site and I was glad to meet him. He has also attended these events with Juan Mann himself.

I overcame many barriers on that day. Going out into a public place and hugging total strangers was a real buzz. I hope that the hugged people also felt blessed and that their barriers were broken down a little too. I did ask them all to pay it forward to others.

Making a contribution to a society that is filled with bad news 99% of the time, or so it seems, and the fact that it was the day before the anniversary 9/11 made it all the more special.

With a little social transformation going on right now, I would urge all of you who can to take part in this event. You can do it any day you want to in your local area. Or even better, check out the forum to see when one is coming up in your area and join in. I will be doing it again, that’s for sure.

As my friend Yogi says, if you want to be noticed, try being human. Afterall, we are spiritual beings having a human experience so let’s use it to our advantage.

Oh, I almost forgot, the footage of this day is being edited so I will let you know when it comes available. This is something new for me so be patient please. I can’t wait to see the finished product.

May You Be Blessed and virtual HUGS to all of you.



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  1. Thanks for stopping by James… it’s great that you love the idea!! I know that your music will be a great hit with the footage of the day.

    Big Virtual Hugs coming “State of Man’s” way 🙂

    Thank You very much.

  2. sorry for didn’t ask for your permission

    can I use your blog’s Photos in my blog ?

  3. Those are Ringwood Sec. students!!

    Woow… Great activities

    I was an exchange student there.
    This is a cool idea. There are campaigns like this in Korea.
    I think in Thailand should have this campaign too.

  4. I saw the same campaign featured in TV (but it was done by another person). At first, the idea of the campaign kept me thinking if it would really work. It is about giving hugs. Just hugs. But I came into realization that a simple hug brings joy to people. I proved it myself.

  5. I never pass up a free hug. For all those who try to spread around a good feeling in this world of stress….THANK YOU!

  6. Melbourne held a “Free Hugs Campaign”. On this campaign, people who join give each other a big hug. Even though some don’t know the other, still, they gave each other a hug. I really like this blog that it makes me visit Melbourne and join the campaign.