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The Global Human Rights Torch Relay

The Global Human Rights Torch Relay (HRTR) is an International Campaign seeking to end all human rights abuses against people in China. George Karahalios met with Erping Zhang in Athens 2 months ago together with CIPFG top members and assisted all of them with free publicity, produced a radio spot, liaised with the government of Greece and created an event in the central square of Athens.

This is the “Goddess of Justice” who carried the torch at the HRTR kickoff in Athens, Greece, August 8th 2007.

Come run, skip, trot or walk in the Global Human Rights Torch Relay and tell China that hosting the Olympics means getting their act together in terms of human rights.

We all know that China was granted the right to host the Beijing Olympics after it promised to adhere to the Olympic charter and improve its human rights record.

BUT… it’s now less than a year before the Games kick off and human rights abuses in China are getting WORSE.


To this day, the Chinese Communist regime still:

  • Murders people for their organs and sells it on the lucrative foreign market: that’s right… according to the UN Rapporteur of Torture, the communist regime engages in the practice of forced organ removal from prisoners of conscience, most of whom are believed to be Falun Gong practitioners.
  • Execute more prisoners than all the other countries in the world combined
  • No freedom of belief
  • No freedom of speech
  • Severe internet censorship
  • No rule of law

a) because you are Chinese (you love your country, you love your people so of course you don’t want your government killing your people).
b) because you are human (and you wouldn’t want your fellow human beings tortured or killed for their organs just because of their religious beliefs).

Say no to human rights abuses in an Olympic host country! Go to the Global Human Rights Torch Relay site and see when they will be at a location near you.


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  1. Thanks for the information. This is so important as our world continues to shrink and we become more aware of what’s going on. Thanks.

  2. Hi Olivia, a good point you make about our world continuing to shrink! It makes us all that more closer to one another and that is why it’s important to raise awareness of this atrocity. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  3. It makes me sick how the Olympics or other organizations will say that they stand for Human Rights, etc, but then they go into a country that is so obviously going against the grain here. Did they think that China would really stop, after they had been awarded the games? If anything, you need to hold the Olympics in front of them like a carrot and tell them that if they stop, then maybe they can have the games – though it’s pretty obvious that the U.S. and other governments don’t respect human rights either. The irony of it all.