An Inspirational Video

I have been watching this video the last couple of weeks and have really been inspired by it. I know you will too. If you happen to be visiting here over the weekend, enjoy this short video made by a new friend of mine over at the Secret of the Law as in the Law of Attraction, where there are many other videos and wonderful articles to discover.

An Inspirational Video


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  1. Very inspiring Ange, thanks for sharing.

    I would also add: Lead with love, and in loving, love greatly, for great love is that which makes the lover great.

    Marcs last blog post..6 Ways To Screw Up in the Bedroom

  2. Hi Ange,

    It is an inspiring video. Thanks for posting it for a lot more people to see.

    I particularly liked the image under the words “Care”, showing 2 poor children hand in hand. For even if we are so deprived of material benefits, love exists to be shared, and it knows no economic boundaries.

    I have witnessed very poor people show more caring and compassion for others even when they have nothing to eat. I have also been given hospitality by those who have nothing to give. Of course, it inspires me to give more too, of whatever I was there to give in the first place and more. 🙂 –Durano, done!

    durano lawayans last blog post..The Amazon’s Aggravated Archers

  3. That is so inspiring to read Durano. Sometimes I wonder how the world actually goes around. Love and caring is worth way more than material goods, yet we who have the material goods do not always use them for the benefit of others. Certainly we must help ourselves and those near us first and in doing so, can make a difference for those that do not!

    I also like the “risk” page. Anything that scares you/me and others is worth doing in my book. It can only make us stronger.

  4. Nice Video!! Those People who have faith & trust ,they know the future lies in their hand .

    If you think you can or if you think you can’t in both cases you are right !!Law of Attraction concept fully based on Faith