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Kurek Ashley Challenge

Last weekend I was in Brisbane with an awesome group of people, including Kurek Ashley. My friend and mentor Sean Rasmussen organised the weekend and while we were on a dinner river cruise, being Internet Marketers, we started talking about a challenge to see who could outrank who for the keyword Kurek Ashley. I should mention, not only outrank, but rank on the front page of google, lol.

How Would Love Respond Around the middle of last year, you may remember I wrote about Kurek Ashley’s book, How Would Love Respond which went on to be a best seller.

I’m reading it now for the second time and getting so much more out of it.

Kurek Ashley is a Peak Performance Coach. He coached our Aussie Girls Beach Volleyball team to win Gold at the Sydney 2000 Olympics. Nataie Cook Kurek Ashley

He has mentored thousands of people through his program Life Success Club which comes in the form of a CD per month. In this program, he tells how to change dis-empowering habits to empowering habits making our life experiences richer.

Kurek Ashley Challenge

The rules for the Kurek Ashley Challenge are as follows and anyone can join in:

  1. Publish a blog post about Kurek Ashley
  2. Attempt to rank your blog post as high as possible on Google for the keyword: Kurek Ashley
  3. Use Twitter to assist in building a trend for the tag #KurekAshley. Tweet a message with your blog URL and include the tag #KurekAshley
  4. Encourage others to Re-Tweet this tag on Twitter
  5. Include a link in your blog post linking to Kurek’s Twitter account as such: Kurek Ashley

So go ahead and join in. Whitehat techniques only please. There are 5 days left so I dare you to beat me to the top!  Will I see you on the front page of google?


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  1. Ange,
    I love your blog and always learn so much from you, I will cheer you on with this and you are going to be the no. 1 lady blogger in Australia before too much longer. I only hope people who have never read Kurek’s book, see your post here and get it as I have been changed from his book and so many folks could benefit from it. It is almost our duty to tell the world about how powerful it is.

    Allen Sentance

    Allen Sentance (FISHERMAN)s last blog post..Without Struggle You Will Not Evolve

  2. @Allen Thanks so much for your friendship and vote of confidence. I’m proud to know you and your beautiful wife Sandra. I appreciate your support.

    @Richard I wholeheartedly agree, Kurek is truly inspiring.

    @Scotty Life changing is and understatement. Isn’t it great that we’re all friends 🙂