Law of Attraction

Thoughts are Things

Create your day

How do you create your day. What is the first thought that you have when you wake up. The alarm clock goes off and most of you think ‘Groundhog day. Just another day. Same old routine. Get up and go to work.’ Sound familiar.

How about when you wake up you say ‘I’m having a great day.’ Say it out loud and clap your hands. I am sharing this with you because when you start the day in this manner, your whole mindset changes. Immediately you think I am having a great day. No matter what, you have to have a great day.

When thoughts are put out to the Universe, everything changes so that your thoughts are a reality. No matter what it is. Whether or not you want that reality, it is YOUR reality.


Voices in your head

We all have them and whether or not you choose to listen to them is your CHOICE. It’s like if I ask you ‘Chocolate or Vanilla, choose.’ Why did you choose that. I choose chocolate because I love chocolate. Wrong answer. Again. ‘Chocolate or Vanilla, choose.’ I choose chocolate because I like it better than vanilla. Wrong answer.

The correct answer is ‘I choose chocolate because I choose chocolate. That’s right… because you CHOOSE chocolate. You can choose to listen or not and then that is what your reality is. When those vocies start talking and say to you ‘you’re not having such a great day because you got a flat tyre on your way to work, see I told you you couldn’t have a great day.’ Whether or not you choose to listen to that voice is completely up to you. You could instead say to yourself, ‘What is great about this.’


The Secret

It’s not such a secret anymore but some of you still refuse to believe in it. I spent this morning chatting with my tech guy, Basil, aka Jamie, because my blog decided to disappear. We talked about what it could have been and he was stumped. Now I’m not the most clever tech gal but I am into modelling my mentor, Sean. So I did some remodeling to my blog and I unknowingly broke the links.

So Basil and I were trying to figure it out and we got talking about The Secret and what’s opening up for him now that he has found it when all of a sudden, he worked out what I had done and it all got sorted.

So the Secret is to think of the things that you want and not what you don’t want. Be aware of your thoughts as your thoughts are things. Imagine yourself already holding or being what you want and the Universe will shape and shift to give it to you.

Love the life you live



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