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What Does Sex Have To Do With Success

Thanks to Sean Rasmussen, the Success Communicator from Sean Rasmussen Dot Com, I have the opportunity to use the word SEX together with the word SUCCESS in my blog post. I have been reading his blog since it launched and seeing as we are connected on BlogCatalog, I learned about a group he started so I have chosen to do a review.

Sean is passionate about mindset and motivation. Wealth education is also one of his favourite topics and that’s why I enjoy reading his blog.

So what does sex have to do with success I hear you asking. Sean has composed an edited version of the timeless Napoleon Hill classic Think and Grow Rich into his renamed version – Mindset Mastery which I have downloaded and read.

Mindset Mastery – the book

One of the chapters in the book is titled The Mystery of Sex Transmutation. This chapter is one that I have bookmarked and I think it would be of interest to all of you. I’m guessing that most of you, if not all of you reading this have a desire to have sex, so I wanted to talk a little about this and how the emotion of sex can channel that creativity in you.

The act of sex has behind it the possibility of three constructive potentialities, they are:

  1. The perpetuation of mankind.
  2. The maintenance of health, (as a therapeutic agent, it has no equal.)
  3. The transformation of mediocrity into genius through transmutation.

Let me give a little explanation about sex transmutation before you go getting any funny ideas. It means the switching of the mind from thoughts of physical expression, to thoughts of some other nature. The mind responds to stimuli and given that the emotion of sex is such an irresistible force, it is also one of the greatest stimulants for the mind.

With there being an ignorance around the fact that sex is only a physical act, there have been many biased opinions thrown upon us. The fact is that when sex is harnessed and transmuted, this driving force is capable of lifting men and women into that higher sphere of thought which enables them to become masters of the tedious challenges which can potentially get in the way of creativity.

The emotion of sex contains the secret of creative ability. You have heard the saying that behind every great man, there is a great woman. Let’s use Napoleon Bonaparte for example. His first wife Josephine inspired him to be irresistible and invincible and when he put her aside, his decline was inevitable. Other men who fall into this genius category are Abraham Lincoln, William Shakespeare and Ralph Waldo Emerson, in amongst many others.

If you don’t want to rely on the biographies of men who have passed on, think of some successful living men and see if they don’t have a highly developed sexual nature. I will leave that up to you to research 😉

Sex energy is the creative energy of all geniuses. There never has been or ever will be a great leader, builder or artist lacking in his driving force of sex.

Now what better reason would you need to have sex? Sex and Success are a proven combination over and over again. If you would like to read the whole book, Sean has made his Mindset Mastery e book available for immediate download from his site. There have already been more than 1000 downloads in the last 6 weeks and he has applied the principles of Motivation, Lifestyle, Self Improvement and Success in his own life over the last 4 years, which you will find are all covered in this book.

As Sean states on his site:

To enjoy the lifestyle, you need the mindset of someone successful. You are already successful. We all are! We just need to realize it and discover it within our own minds.

Dedicated to Success.


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  1. There are two glaring exceptions to the hot sex creates success theory. Isaac Newton and Immanual Kant who are arguably two of the greatest thinkers of all time are both well known for being virgins. Newton was a cantankerous old misery who could barely raise a smile, never mind anything else, whilst Kant never went any further than a polite cup of afternoon tea with the ladies of his city. Spinoza is another who did great work whilst living in near solitude.

    On the other hand, schroedinger who formulated the equations of quantum mechanics which will be forever beyond the comprehension of most did so whilst on a long passion filled alpine holiday with some mysterious lover. No one knows who she was but apparently the summer in Switzerland was filled with both rampant sex and the discovery of the equations of advanced physics.

  2. Hi Ange,

    As I have written in the 7 stories, success has been reaped on the work we do but I feel I have to do more.

    Now, I have 8 children as you know, 5 have graduated and are well situated, 2 are graduating from college next semester, and one has 4 semesters to go till she completes her degree.

    Does the number of kids say anything about this theory?:-)

    Of course I agree with Sean! I guess I have to! LOL! –Durano, done!

    Durano Lawayan’s last blog post..Giants’ Gutsy Gamble

  3. Having read (and re-read) think and grow rich several times, I can’t help but to agree with you. Having fathered 4 kids doesn’t hurt either 🙂

    The thing to me about sex is that it is a powerful attractor. We naturally move towards this creative force, this expression of life, with a near obsessive compulsion that few can resist with any great degree of success. The key (to me) is to inspire that same desire, that same feeling, when we think about our goals and dreams. To want X as compulsively as we want sex will go a long way towards actually making the dream a reality, because we will do our utmost to overcome all obstacles in order to get it.

    The only danger point is when the dream becomes an end unto itself. In this situation it can happen that we abandon both principles and common sense, on the justification that the end justifies the means. Spamming and rape are good example of this, where certain individuals might choose to do distasteful or even illegal things, in order to satisfy their desires. The entire journey must be approached with the same sense of reverence that we bring to those special moments with our lover. The very journey is an act of love, and the end goal the culmination of that act.

    In this way, even the most banal of goals can be a life changing spiritual experience, making us more than we were.

    Cheers, Marc

  4. Rob: the theory, as I understand it, is not sex = success, but rather the sexual impulse (or desire) = success. If the former were true, all “ladies of the night” would be richer than Mr. Gates, heh. The idea is to apply that impulse, or feeling of great desire, towards one’s goals and dreams. Thus it could be that the venerable Isaac Newton, & co. had simply transferred their drive to another realm, namely science. This is of course, just a speculation, but at least in my life, the theory seems to hold true.

    Cheers, Marc

  5. Hi Ange,
    And to think I thought sex was something to do after the Yankees game was over. Seriously, I knew some of this in a fundamental way. A happy marriage includes a healthy and active sex life. Unless there is a disability for one or both partners, sex should not only be enjoyed as a means of reproduction, or an act of intimacy, but as a means to fantasize and be creative. I’m going to read the article be Mr. Rasmussen. I’m open to new ideas and I thank you for a new source of information. Thank you. -Mike.

  6. OMG Ange, so true. I never really thought of it like that. When you don’t have sex, it just seems most things in your life go down hill – speaking from experience. “I guess it it the secret to success.”

    Tondy’s last blog post..The ABC’s of Tondy!

  7. @Rob … thanks for enlightening us on that!! I went to your site and joined your mailing list so I don’t miss out on your book. I am very interested in what you have to say… looking forward to it 🙂

    @Durano … you ARE successful!! 8 children and all healthy and succeeding in their own lives. You must be so proud of them 🙂 It sure does count my friend.

    @Marc … it’s nice to see you again. I like your analogy of the feeling of going after our dreams and goals… if we use the same gusto as the desire of sex to go after them… it’s gotta happen 😉 … and those “ladies of the night” lol… just imagine if it was the amount of sex we actually had that equaled success!!! Look out Bill Gates… we’re chasing you 🙂

    @Mr Grudge … it’s good to find new information. Think and Grow Rich is exactly what it says… THINK and Grow Rich… and Sean’s version is put into today’s perspective… enjoy reading!

    @Tondy … spot on Tondy! and don’t forget to channel it into your creativity… have fun 😉

  8. I will be very interested in reading Mindset Mastery as I too have grasped the concept of Sexual Transmutation from Napoleon Hills’Think and Grow Rich. After many years of research and personal experience I have formulated a beautiful way to deliver the information and concepts through sensual massage. My business itself is a glaring example of using sexual transmutation to attract clients.
    Think and Grow Rich has been a success bible for many over the years, but I feel it is more than the title suggests. It far greater than just a success manual. Its secrets have certainly changed my life beyond my imagination. This is what I feel i need to pass on through my work and continued research.

  9. Hi Yasmin!

    Thank you for sharing your success here. Some people do use “Think and Grow Rich” as their bible for success. I’m sure you will find Sean’s edited version – Mindset Mastery – very useful too. Perhaps it could go on your “recommended” reading list for your clients!

  10. richard columj says: January 31, 2009 at 6:34 pm

    You have once again put me in the right frame of mind I take on board your message. Ooh la la here comes my wife. see ya Ange.

  11. Hello Ange,

    Never thought to write about a topic relating to sex and internet marketing!! Great topic – Sean ebook Mindset Mastery is such a great read and I love listening to Think and Grow Rich!! The book makes so much sense 🙂