Angel Meditation and your Morning Routine

Better indeed is knowledge than mechanical practice (of religious ritual). Better than knowledge is meditation. But better still is surrender of attachment to results (of one’s actions), because there follows immediate peace.


I don’t know about you but I seem to get so busy at times that I almost forget to breath. Taking time out in our daily lives for a little quiet meditation is a way for us to look inside ourselves and listen for messages from our hearts and minds. It seems that we are constantly looking outside of ourselves for ways to improve but wisdom comes from within. We have all the answers that we need and taking time out for meditation and just listening is a way to find these answers.

If you are not familiar with meditation, it does take some time to actually get it and to be able to sit or lie still in a place where you will not be disturbed. I found it difficult at first to just be and not let thoughts run through my head. There are some forms of meditation whereby you listen to different levels of frequency to bring you into an alpha state so that your awareness of surrounding expands and you feel fully relaxed. Another way to learn to meditate is to stare at the flame of a candle and get into a trance-like state so that it clears your mind which then enables you to find the answers that you are searching for from within.

Morning Routine

The best time to practice meditation is to make it a part of your morning routine. When you awake, a glass of water is a good way to re-hydrate your body after you have been sleeping for some hours as is some stretching for about 5 – 10 minutes to get your blood flowing and keep you limber. Doing this makes you feel alive after some deep slumber so it is a good practice to get yourself ready for meditation.

If you are new to this concept, just try it for a 30 seconds to one minute to start with and build on this adding more time each day.  I found this was a good way for me to learn as I tend to let my mind wander with all the tasks that I need to accomplish for the day and wonder how on earth I will fit everything in.  We all have busy schedules and taking some time out first thing in the morning is a great way to get you through the day.

Following your meditation, another thing you could do is to have a journal that you write your thoughts in day to day.  There are no rules for what you write down.  This is also a way to let things out that you may be holding onto and you will be surprised at how the ideas and answers come to you once you have written them on paper and not typed it into your laptop, LOL.  The power of simple writing is a wonderful gift to release any fears or jot your thoughts for clarification.  Even business ideas or topics for articles you want to write about on your blog.

Gratitude Diary

Your journal could also be where you write down things that you are grateful for.  If you list just 5 things everyday that you are truly grateful for, this puts you in a wonderful and happy state and sets your mood for the day.  Remember in The Secret movie that if you start your day off on the wrong side of bed, it starts a pattern for the day that will continue until you change your thoughts.  Instead, if you have a morning routine that starts your day in a state of peace and gratitude, that is what you will get for the rest of the day which is what the Law of Attraction is all about.

If any of you have more suggestions or would like to tell me your thoughts on meditation, do not hesitate to leave me a comment.  I would be more than happy to hear from you.

I want to leave you with this short Angel Meditation video with thanks to Kathy Pinna to get you into the mood and start thinking about starting your own routine.

May You Be Blessed



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  1. I have kept a lot of different journals over the time. When I didn’t know what to write about I found it helpful to start with (as suggested in The Secret) “I am so happy and grateful now that…”

    I often write about the future, but write about it in the present tense, so you are acting as if you already have it – thus attracting it towards you. Then stop and really feel those feelings.

  2. That’s exactly as it is intended to do Chris. By writing it as if you already have it, and feel the way you would when you have it, then you surely attract it to you.

    It’s also great to write down the events that happen in your life that you are grateful for… for example…

    Last year when I attended the Breakthrough Experience with Dr John Demartini, he passed around a couple of his journals which he writes in every day and is grateful for the opportunities he has had such his public speaking events, meetings with various people, and so on so he keeps track of everything he has done. Another way to communicate to the Universe that you are in that state of gratitude.

    Be Grateful