Money Masters

I’m Back!

Wow.  That was a long break.  What have I been up to you ask?  Since my last post, I actually took some time off to holiday with my family, for one thing.   I have also been busy studying a couple of different courses.  In fact, I am still going with a very intense Technical Analysis course on the stock market.  For more information on this (link removed).  It is used for any stock market in the world.

My Internet Marketing is going well and I felt I needed a little distraction to keep my creative juices flowing.   Running your own business means that you get to choose how you work and what you work on.  That is not to say that I know how everything works.  This is a journey that I will follow for the rest of my life.  A journey with purpose.  Everyday I know I am getting closer to my destination.  I have my goals written down so that is what I focus on.   Little baby steps along the way to take me on my chosen path.

This weekend in fact, I am attending a world class seminar event titled “Money Masters”.  It is a three day event with International speakers… so I am very excited about the opportunity to attend.

I will tell you about it in my next post.  Until then…

Yours in Prosperity