Kokoda Trail

My Excellent Kokoda Adventure Part 4

By this stage I think you get the drift of how the trek went. The places we camped, the track itself and the challenges it presented. The emotional ups and downs. The fact that hygiene wasn’t all that flash with cold showers and no soap… and the sore feet! Nevermind that we couldn’t get anything […]

Kurek Ashley

Kurek Ashley ~ How Would Love Respond

With all this talk about LOVE recently here at Buzzing with Ange, I wanted to bring something to your attention. If you love inspirational books, best selling author Kurek Ashley has just released his long awaited How Would Love Respond on Amazon. My copy is on order and I can’t wait for it to arrive. […]

Personal Development

I Love You Part 2

A short time ago I wrote that I Love You and it attracted some attention. I was sent this image by a friend and thought to use it here. How many times have you done something embarrassing or hurtful without intention to the one you LOVE? Now I’m sure this little fellow didn’t mean it […]

Kokoda Trail

Almost Time To Trek Kokoda

kokoda track

Yes, that’s right! 16 more sleeps until I am on a plane flying out to Papua New Guinea to trek the Kokoda Trail. Yikes!! The training has almost taken over as I prepare for this grueling trek. By the time I have packed to go out for a hike and then get to where there […]


An Inspirational Video

I have been watching this video the last couple of weeks and have really been inspired by it. I know you will too. If you happen to be visiting here over the weekend, enjoy this short video made by a new friend of mine over at the Secret of the Law as in the Law […]