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Acts of Kindness

Over the last few weeks this site has had some strange happenings going on and I am putting it down to my lack of attention to it. You can liken it to a car for example. If you don’t put petrol in it, it won’t go!! To my loyal readers, for this I apologise in not bringing you material that keeps you informed and growing within yourself. With the upgrade and migration to a new server, I encountered some technical issues which are now resolved so all is up and running and now and I am back to writing for you.

Good vs Bad

acts-of-kindnessI would like to bring your attention to something that struck me the other day. I watched a movie (shock, horror) which made me think about the good and the bad that is in the world today. Without the bad, there would be no good. What I mean to say is that every action has a complimentary reaction so when we hear of natural disasters or terrorist acts, we think these are bad things, but without them, we would not see the acts of kindness of the human race either. Follow me for a moment here.

In 2001, we all remember the planes crashing into the twin towers on 9/11. It didn’t hit me until one week later because at the time, I was with my firstborn in a sleep centre learning how to get her to sleep without too much interference from me. She happened to wake about 2am and that particular night, her cot was in the conference room where the night duty nurse had the TV on. I was half awake and the chaos of that day was unfolding right in front of my eyes on the tube. It didn’t really sink in until I was back home and my fogginess had cleared.

The events of that tragic day had everybody (or so it seems, as that is what the MEDIA portrayed to us) against terrorists and focusing on what they could and would do about them. Much later came the stories of acts of human kindness and because of this, there was a major shift in consciousness around the globe. People were helping others because it seemed the right thing to do. Now I am not discounting the thousands of people who lost their lives due to those attacks, and may they rest in peace, I am simply saying that if something as big as 9/11 didn’t happen, we may not have come as far as we have with a shift in consciousness.

I still don’t fully understand why it happened and I guess I never will because I cannot be those terrorists that made it so. What I can do though is be grateful that the human race can come together in times like these and give a helping hand.

Acts of Kindness

Now I have just described an event of mammoth proportions but it doesn’t take such an event for human kindness to shine through. Maybe you helped an elderly person cross the street, or maybe you cuddled a child who was hurt in an accident. It could be that you telephoned your wife/husband just to say “I love you” or even to take your mum shopping, or letting your niece write a post on your blog, lol! Whatever the case, I know each of you has this capability and if you wouldn’t mind sharing some thoughts on this, I am looking to write an ebook to be released when I get back from the Kokoda trek in which I will include a section about Acts of Kindness where I can feature what you share here.

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  1. Allen Sentance says: April 28, 2008 at 11:31 pm

    As dark a day as it may seem to people , I believe it was a good thing that the world needed, for exactly the reason Anges post points out. It has helped unite so many of us around the world , in some cases shocking people into reality. It was ANZAC day last friday , that to was sad event where people gave their lives to help build a better world.
    I pray for those who lost their lives at the twin towers, & believe they gave their lives to help make the world a better place.

    thanks Ange

  2. Hi Ange,
    Thank you for brining the events of 9/11 into light once again for there are many here in my own country who have seemed to have forgotten. Folks were polite and kind for a short while afterward…a few months maybe, then things were back to normal, until the Iraq war started then things really went bad. Thank you for making kindness and friendliness a noble cause. -Mike.

  3. I wonder what the world would be like if the media reported acts of kindness first then tragedy, trauma, and drama second.

    Imagine front page news headlines every day about some act of kindness not matter how small. Then on page 2 or 3 the usually tally of death, politics, and tragedy.

    Given we get more of what we focus on, I think the great shift would shift a whole lot faster.

    Rod Sherwins last blog post..1

  4. Hi Ange,
    It is true ‘there was a major shift in consciousness around the globe’ and one can feel it. The buzz word for the moment is “Gratitude” which does not arise without “kindness”.
    Thank you Ange for introducing me to Joe Vitale. I read his book “spiritual marketing” which led me to another great personality Bob Proctor which again led me to ‘the secret’ and the book “Science of getting rich.”
    Here I really understood what kindness and gratitude can do to a person. Today morning when I got up I do not know how I started thanking God not only for myself but for all the good ness I could see. And you know I always have the problem in signing the cheque (My hand shakes or I miss the signature). But today when I signed the cheque in the office I was so calm and without any mistake I could sign it. Not only once but all the time (3 times). A gesture of gratitude can do wonders.

    Jyoti Mukhias last blog post..New Reports of U.S. Conspiracy against Nepal’s Maoists

  5. Ange:

    Great, thought-provoking post.

    I’ll have to think this one over. But one thing I have always done since the very beginning of my relationship with my wife is to call her every day. I have done this every single day since were first together. It didn’t matter where I was in the world, or in the country, I have called her at least once – usually three or four times. Now that we are retired, we spend every day together. Sometimes when we go to the mall, we split up to do some separate shopping, but we still call each other several times throughout the day. A lot of people say we spend too much time together, but we don’t feel that way. To the contrary, we feel that we don’t spend enough time together.

    Have a nice day.

    Swubirds last blog post..ROAD RAGE

  6. Welcome Unknown! Exactly what upcoming events are you talking about? I would love to know. I don’t believe there is justification for bad. Again, it depends on your perception of it. So are you saying that it is what it is? Not good or bad? I was merely highlighting the 9/11 events because almost everyone was affected by it in some way. What ever happens in the future is because of people’s focus. I was reading an email I received from Dr Joe Vitale and he suggested that if we want to be victims we can be. On the other hand, if we think we are okay, then we are. If we live in trust and not in fear, wouldn’t be a better choice? I think so and it sounds to me like you think this too. The thing is that not everyone thinks like this and they believe what the media or the governments tell them to believe. Little by little the people who choose to think for themselves and pass on acts of kindness or some other positive act can help others to do the same.