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Announcement – Personal Development and LOA Blog Carnival


Today I’d like to announce that Buzzing With Ange will be hosting the Personal Development and LOA (Law of Attraction) Blog Carnival for the month of April.

The Founder of this Blog Carnival category is Yee Shun Jian author and blogger of Personal Development for the Book Smart.

Yee Shun Jian believes adamantly that there is but little correlation between academic achievements and personal/financial success.

Shun Jian realized that unwittingly, like most people he knew, he had allowed himself to be caught up in the rat race. He had become a money making machineā€¦ for someone else! Formal education had prepared him to be an employee, trading time for money.

Ain’t that the truth!

You can read some of my ideas in a past post on Attracting Wealth. In this article I gave you a few tips on how you can create wealth rather than just making money. Let me know what you think.

Like Shun, I also work from home doing what I love and I’m always looking for opportunities to do just this.

Personal Development and Law of Attraction

If you write a blog based on Personal Development and Law of Attraction, you may like to enter your submission in before the 18th of April 2010 by clicking on the image below.

Share this with your friends and family and I look forward to reading lots of inspiring articles.