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Brenden Foster Leaving a Legacy at Age 11

Today I learned about Brendan Foster.  He died from Leukemia on Friday November 21 at the very tender age of 11.

This young boy had a dying wish which was to help feed the homeless. With this wish, he inspired countless numbers of people in various states of America to make an effort and collect food for the homeless because he was too weak to do it himself.

Brenden was described as a young boy with an old soul. He was once the kid who ran the fastest, climbed the highest and dreamed of becoming a marine photographer. Leukemia took away all those things, but not his dying wish to help others.

I think we can all learn from Brenden.  This moving video was taken just before he passed away in his mother’s arms.


Rest in Peace beautiful boy.


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  1. A very brave little boy indeed. I totally love the fact that he was able to help so many people in need with a simple wish!
    Thanks for dropping by Karl.

  2. What an heart wrenching, yet uplifting story. I found the video this morning and it brought me to tears. Doing a search for more information brought me here.

    I hope the readers of your site, and the many others who have posted the video, realize what this young man is teaching us.

    Sarah Youngs last blog post..What Can We Learn From a Dying 11 Year Old?

  3. Guadalupe Ido says: January 3, 2009 at 1:45 pm

    I saw Brenden’s story on the news and he touched my heart so much that I decided to start a food drive in his honor. The people at the company that I work for were so supportive and helped me collect lots of food for our local food pantry. It made me feel so useful and happy that I decided to continue the food drive through out the coming year all year long. I am also trying to find out how I could go about organizing a fundraiser to feed Tent city,Pomona, CA for a day. Does anybody have any ideas or tips?
    Brenden has not only made a difference for all the homeless people out there, he made a difference in my life…he spoke to my heart. RIP little Angel. Lupe Ido

  4. Great video! I can’t imagine how a kid can change the outlook in life of all his friends around us. I’m pretty sure that he’s very happy when he died. Hopefully, his wonderful deeds won’t end there.