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Bringing Chaos Into Order

the universeThis last week has been rather busy keeping up with birthday parties and other family celebrations. In other words, I have been distracted in bringing chaos into order and I have not brought you anything new. Some of you may think that having an order for everything is the only way to live. Tell me if that is so. I would be interested to hear how you do it.

I have never been one for taking too much notice of authority, and not having had a structure in place for most things, (except for when I used to have a 9 – 5 JOB), I now find myself thinking that chaos could be a sign of intelligence searching for the right path.

My friends in the blogosphere have been a wealth of knowledge in regards to how to keep my blog on track and building a community and this is very important in standing out in the crowd. So much so, that I was tagged with another meme, and I regret to say that I cannot participate in this one. Not that there is anything that I don’t like about it, it’s just that I need to get back to the roots of why I am here, which is to give you something to think about and apply to your life, as long as it fits with you and where you are at.

Your Wish Is My Command

I look at this picture often and imagine myself there, just looking out at the sky filled with stars – shooting stars, big, bright stars – naming them. Remember back to the last time you saw a falling star. Did you make a wish. Did you share it with anyone or keep it to yourself.

I remember a couple of months back, I stepped outside into the back-yard one night to take out some recycling, and as I did, the sky above was very clear and I watched what looked like the biggest star in the sky falling down towards the earth. Just like the one in the picture here.

Everyone was asleep here, so I jumped online to find the first person I could to share it with. It was just amazing to watch and I made a wish. If you have seen The Secret, and I know many of you have, then you would remember that James Ray talks about Aladdin and his lamp. When the lamp is dusted off and the genie pops out, he only says one thing: Your wish is my command.

The story actually states that there are three wishes, but if you trace the story back to its origins, there is absolutely no limit. I often watch The Secret as part of my personal development. There are some things that stick and some that don’t, depending on when I watch it. I seem to always find some new comment that I have missed in previous viewings.

So I want you to think about the things that you DO want. When I say DO want, I mean that you DO want them. Whatever you think about, comes about, even if it is not what you want. If it is on your mind, the Universe cannot tell the difference. For example, if you say that you don’t want to catch a cold, guess what, you catch a cold. It has been on your mind. I have proven this to myself even. Yes, I do get it wrong too at times. During the winter here, everyone around me was catching the flu, and I kept saying, I never get sick… I won’t catch the flu… and guess what… I caught the flu. The Law of Attraction was definitely at work then!

Okay, so think about what you DO want and imagine yourself already with that thing. Whether it be a holiday you want to take but have not set any plans in place as yet, or it may be a new outfit, tickets to a concert, a new laptop… what ever it is. The trick is to feel what it would feel like already having it. What would you say. Where would you be. What feelings will you feel. What is the date. These are all things that should be considered, and then write it all down on paper. As you are writing, feel those feelings, see yourself there, speak the words you would speak when you have it. This all helps in getting what you DO want. Hold the image of what you want in your mind. Express gratitude for having received it.

If it is a new house you want, be specific with how many rooms you want, whether it has a basement for storage. Do you want 3 bathrooms, 5 bedrooms, surround sound system wired through every room. Is it a multi-level home on land with a lake for swimming or a swimming pool in the back-yard. Then search for houses like this that are up for sale and when you find one with your specifications, go and inspect it, walk through the house and feel like it is yours. Where would your bed go. How will the living room be furnished. Have these images in your head and put out the feelings you will feel knowing you have it.

My wish for you is that you put these principles into action. Start big or start small. Write down a list of what you want and get busy feeling the abundance that the Universe has for you. It is a natural law and you deserve everything that you want out of life. You have the power. Use it as you see fit.

Dedicated to Success.


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  1. So true, so true Teeg. Just because the goal posts have moved, it doesn’t mean that you cannot kick the goal!!

    Sometimes, we have to make adjustments to the timing of our goals, but as long as we still see the end result and hold that image of it in our minds, it is there to be achieved.

    I was just now chatting with some fellow Jamie McIntyre homestudy graduates who were telling me of all the barriers that they had broken through by attending the 4 Day Education for Life seminar. They sounded on top of the world… ready for anything that challenged their path to financial freedom. That’s the way we should all be thinking… no barriers.

    Just remember to write them down too… it works wonders 😉

  2. Good questions, Ange! It fits in with something I was thinking about this weekend. When I started learning about IM, I set a goal that I wanted to reach. My goal hasn’t changed, but I’ve noticed that at times I lose sight of it. This weekend I was trying to figure out how to keep my goals in view…sometimes it’s too easy to see what’s in front of your nose and lose the things that are really important 🙂

    Teeg’s last blog post..All Thumbs are Not Created Equal

  3. Hi Ange,
    Got here by yr twitter….
    Had a Big shooting star the other week…the kind that you can hear as it tears through the atmosphere.

    You are right about all the above. Some days it’s easier some days harder but that is what I have been doing all my life.

    I wrote a lot of them down a couple years ago. Hard ones to see happening but they did happen.
    Should probably write some more down….

    In this IM world tis not the gaolposts that move it is the way of getting to them that constantly evolves….



    George Kedourie’s last blog post..Before the story really starts…there is of course a story…

  4. George, you sweetie 🙂

    I must admit that I have never “heard” a shooting star before… you must be closer to the sky over there in Spain!

    It’s encouraging to know that you have achieved the goals that you have written down. I know that the way to achieving goals is by taking action, and by moving in the direction of your goals, taking challenges head on and finding them “interesting” and working through them… and this way, we will have them!

    I wrote a list of 101 things that I wanted just on a year ago and every now and then, I go through the list and mark off what I have already gotten. So it does certainly work 🙂

  5. Hey Ange,

    With your passion, energy and content here and elsewhere in cyberspace we truly believe that you already are that shining star…..

    Hope we get to meet ya oneday!


    Jim & Em – Your Dubai pals.

  6. Jim & Em,

    Today has been the most amazing day for beauty and abundance around here… I trust that it has been the same for you Flowers!

    I certainly wish that we meet up one day too… that would be very special 🙂

    Peace and love to all!

  7. …I now find myself thinking that chaos could be a sign of intelligence searching for the right path…

    Gee I love that quote Ange!

    Keeping sight of the goal is difficult at times, especially with a number of tasks needing our attention.

    I jot down the main goal of each day, and the tasks that I need to complete to get there. It makes it easier to beat the distractions as well.

    Allan Cockerill’s last blog post..December 6 In History

  8. Thanks for your thoughts Allan. The challenges that get in the way just make life more interesting… I have to find what is good about them and get passed them. in order to reach the end result.

    Lists are great and I thought I just had, is if the list is actually the results you want from the day rather than a to-do-list… perhaps that can actually get me to the end results on a day to day basis!

    Now my mind is ticking over again… hmmmm….. 😉

  9. Appreciate your effort in writing this. A very thoughtful post indeed. I used to think a lot whilst in process of accomplishing or obtaining something, I would certainly lose something in return. It turned out that ‘gain something and lose something’ methodology isn’t real. I guess The Secret do help a heap in fixing this thought of mine. All I need is just some precise imagination and patience.

    Glad that LoA works for you. If not, at least it keeps the flu virus away. =)

    Aidan’s last blog post..Ho, Ho, Ho, It’s Christmas Cult

  10. Hey Aidan, welcome to the Buzz!

    Just keep those good thoughts in your head and really feel like you are there… it works!! Believe me. If you keep a journal of your day to day feelings and the opportunities that come your way, you are bound to see a pattern. Now I better see what that Ho, Ho, Ho-ing is all about….