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Follow Your Passion

Since the year 2006, I have been in the Follow Your Passion mode. 2006 was the year I stopped working a J.O.B. and chose to stay home and create an income doing what I loved. I thought I knew what it was but as I discovered later, my first business idea wasn’t right for me. My personal development journey was only just beginning.

It wasn’t easy at first but that didn’t deter me from having a go. As you do (or rather, a lot of people do), I stumbled into Network Marketing. Now the product was a great product in the health industry. I learned a lot about health and nutrition and how to best care for my young children by attending the meetings. The biggest thing I learned was all the harmful ingredients which are added to everyday bathroom and household products that changed our lifestyle for the better.

I still use the products for myself and my family even today, however, it wasn’t my cup of tea to nag (or that’s what it felt like) all my friends and family and get them to sign up. No matter what the product promised, it wasn’t easy growing my downline. That’s how Network Marketers refer to the people who sign up under them. After 6 months, I decided to try something else and the opportunity was staring me right in the face.

Home Based Business

I started surfing the web looking for ways to make money online. Working from Home were the keywords I kept searching for and guess what? Working from Home or home based business are the most searched keywords of all time! Fascinating isn’t it. Especially when you think of the current economic situation and people being retrenched from their jobs. I’m not saying that working from home is for everyone but there are many different jobs, or ways to make money by being at home, that the opportunities are endless if you really sit and think about what you love doing.

One example I found the other day was a local woman who is willing to walk dogs, take care of puppies and be a general dog-sitter. If you love dogs, then there’s something to think about.

Do What You Love and the Money Will Follow

My girls were watching a Bratz movie before school this morning and there was a line which stood out for me that prompted me to write this article.

A character who had an estranged relationship with her mother said the words, well not everyone gets to follow their passion and I thought to myself, uh uh, everyone can follow their passion. They just have to be really, really passionate about their idea and not listen to the nay-sayer’s who want to bring them down or tell them they are wasting their time and stick to a real job. What is a real job nowadays anyway?

Whether it be to work from home or be the best employee or even be the best boss! Wherever your passion lies, follow your passion, do what you love and the money will follow.

Guest Authors

Over the coming weeks I will be introducing you to a fabulous team of people who are following their passions and started working from home. Some part-time and some full-time. I’ll let them tell their story for you.

I’ve been working closely with this team for the past 8 months and I’d like for you to get to know some of my friends, both offline and online, so look out for some special guest authors for the first time here on Buzzing with Ange.

We have been studying a book called Reprogramming the Mind for Success and in doing so, have connected and grown as a team. The book itself is written by Dean Whittingham, whom I have met personally. Dean wrote the book after his parents won the Lottery and lost it all within a very little space of time. In it Dean includes meditation exercises and talks about how to prevent procrastination, build better relationships, creat a better self image and improve your health and wealth creation.

So I look forward to you getting to know my friends and enjoying reading their stories.


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  1. Hi Ange,

    This is a great Blog article because we need more inspiring women like you. Every now and then I come across women who want to be inspired. I will point them to this article,

    sincerely, Jim.

    Jim Cassas last blog post..My Most Off Topic Blog Request- An Article For A Racy Dating Site

  2. Hey Ange,

    Without passion we have nothing. If your doing something that isn’t about your passion you are more likely to fail because your not motivated to succeed. Keep the passion up!


    Mas last blog post..The Twittersphere

  3. Hey Ange,

    Love your post and your message is so true. Follow your Passion. I live by this every day and now to get to live the life I deserve -FREEDOM !!!

  4. Hey Ange.

    Absolutely right!

    “Don’t listen to the nay-sayer’s who want to bring you down or tell you that you are wasting your time and stick to a real job”.

    I’ve always believed that if you follow your passion the money will follow. In fact I’ve started several careers working for nothing so that I could gain experience and the trust of those that I worked with because I was passionate about a new direction.

    Keep up the great writing.


    Johnnys last blog post..Dear Craig…

  5. Hi Ange, it’s easy for you to say that we should do what we love, but, for newbies (most of them) are still difficult to find out something they love. I think it needs some effort for a long time. But, anyway, thanks for your inspiring post.



  6. Hi Suroso, yes you are right. It is easy for me to say now that I HAVE found what I love to do. I have found something that I really love to do and it has taken effort to be in the position that I am in. I was a newbie once too so don’t be put off by the fact that you are just starting.

    I looked at your site and you have many good posts. I also found that you love to read books! Books are a fantastic resource so keep reading.

    There are many good teachers out there you can learn from. If blogging is your passion, then blog. If blogging about making money online is your passion, then keep blogging that.

    The point I was making was to really “love what you do and do what you love.” A quote from Dr John Demartini. Its not necessarily working for yourself. If you are a teacher and love being a teacher, then be a teacher. If you are a nurse and love being a nurse, then be a nurse.

    I wish you well on your journey and have faith that you will find what your passion is… Bless