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Jim Rohn on Personal Development to Greatness

Jim Rohn

My Personal Development journey began 6 years ago and one of the many teachers I was introduced to was the legendary Jim Rohn.  Late last night I learned of his passing and although it saddened me to hear this news, I was quickly reminded of the precious lessons I have learned from this man.

“Your personal philosophy is the greatest determining factor in how your life works out” ~ Jim Rohn

My shelves are filled with many of his audios and books on his recommended reading list. One in particular being the classic from author George S. ClasonThe Richest Man in Babylon. The moment I heard about this book I quickly took action and went to purchase it.

It could almost be a text book for senior school to teach our children about money and finance and prepare them for the way they view their personal finances. The Richest Man in Babylon is a definite must have to empower yourself with the choices you make for your financial future.

Personal Development to Greatness

Jim Rohn and his teaching had a great impact on my life. I found a videos I’d like to share with you so that you too may benefit from what Mr. Rohn taught me in your own way.

Personal Development and Money
We get paid for bringing value to the market place. It takes time to bring value to the market place however, we do not get paid for time. Mistakenly, a man says he is making $20 for an hour. Jim says that’s not true. If that was true, you could stay home and have them send you money, right? No, that is not true, we get paid for value and not for time. Jim asks the question: Is it possible to become twice as valuable and make twice the money in the same time?


Life Lessons by Jim Rohn

  1. The difference between success and failure is the degree of commitment we give to seek out resources and apply ourselves.
  2. Learn to be happy for happiness is activity with purpose and love in practice.
  3. Discipline is the most critical ingredient for success. It is the master key that unlocks the door to wealth and happiness. It is the glue that binds inspiration to achievement and the bridge between thought and accomplishment.
  4. The difference between discipline and regret is that discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons.
  5. You cannot change your destination overnight but you can change direction.
  6. Live well. Do not just learn how to earn, learn how to live. The good life is not an amount, it is an attitude, an act, an idea, a discovery.
  7. Life is worthwhile if you try to make progress. Life is worthwhile if you GIVE because giving starts the receiving process. Life is worthwhile if you PLAN. Design your own life or someone else will. Let others live small lives but not YOU.

This is a snippet from Lessons on Life by Jim Rohn. These are very simple philosophies to live by. It’s your choice.

Jim Rohn  1930 – 2009  Rest In Peace

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  1. Hi, great videos. I agree that we do not get compensated for time but for value we provide to the market.
    .-= Greg´s last blog ..Watch TV on Computer: How to Have TV Channels on Your Computer =-.

  2. We all miss Jim Rohn , especially those who have been working on their personal development. Just like you Ange and many others we all have managed over time to have some form of encouragement delivered to us from the late & great Mr. Jim Rohn…. R.I.P.

    .-= Allen Sentance Fisherman´s last blog ..Tribute To SENO My Brother =-.

  3. Bon Jour Oza, thanks for the hugs. The Life Lessons are simple yet sometimes we tend to make things more complicated than what they need to be. All the best lovey lady xoxo 🙂

  4. Thanks Allen, Mr Rohn will be missed only in person as he lives through his legacy of a huge collection of books and audios we can still enjoy anytime we wish to. 🙂

  5. Genesis Pure Blog says: December 22, 2009 at 8:07 pm

    Hi, great videos. I concord that we do not get compensated for time but for value we provide to the market.

  6. Hi, thank you very much for sharing the priceless wisdom from Jim Rohn.

    Could you be kind enough to gudie me please as i am looking for material for my nephew who is 16 years. He is terrible to his mother and family and seems to lack respect, motivation and ambition. My other nephew 13and neice 11 are very loving, caring, driven and overall great.

    I would sincerly appreciate of you can guide me as to Personel Development CDs etc I cna buy for him.

    Thank you very much

    kind regards
    Mr mango

  7. Lancelot Brown says: December 21, 2010 at 10:50 pm

    I first met Jim in 2004, i sat at his feet in a very life changing event. I learnt from there that for things to change i have to change my way of thinking . My second and last live personal experience of Jim was in LasVegas after his presentation he got a thunderous applause which went on for a while .He then left the stage waving with the continuous applause .To my surprize the crowd would’t let him leave , so he came out waving.He went back stage waving but the crowd just did’t want him to go .He had to return to the stage again while the thunderous applause continues . This showed to me the high respect , love ,and appreciation people have for him .” We all have two choices : we can make a living or design a life”. Jim i too miss you .

  8. Dana Prieto says: January 2, 2011 at 6:53 am

    I worked for Jim Rohn for over 10 years I just published this book. The book is ALL about Jim Rohn’s personal self development