Law of Attraction and Will Smith

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Law of Attraction has always been part of my daily life. It wasn’t until the movie The Secret that I did become aware of what it actually meant.

Will Smith does a great little interview in this video where he talks about the need to Just Decide on what it is you want and what you want to be and the Universe will bend and move for you to be and do that. Do you believe that is true?

Law of Attraction and Will Smith


The Alchemist

The book The Alchemist which Will Smith talks about by author Paulo Coehlo, was first published around 10 years ago and one I have yet to read.

If you have read the book, I would be interested in your comments. The mind is a very powerful machine and the more we understand how it works, the more we want to know.

Will Smith on the Law of Attraction made me smile today, I hope it made you smile too :)


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  1. mrmagic1 says:

    I saw this about a year ago. I was a bit surprised and pleased at the sametime. It was encouraging at the time. I had just begun to read about the Law of Attraction.

    I posted your link on my blog to discuss a similar topic. Hope you dont mind:)


  2. I believe fully in the LOA. Even if I didn’t, it wouldn’t carry. The LOA would still continue to shape my life, whether I believe in it or not 😉

    It’s no wonder that uber-successful people like Will Smith have a firm faith in the LOA. The Universe can do amazing things for you when you work in harmony with its forces.


  3. Avatar says:

    I believe in Law of Attraction. I’m impressed that Will Smith has been applying it for his success. It’s good to know he shared his expriences, it’s a valuable lesson.

  4. chiropam says:

    I read “The Alchemist” about 13 years ago. It was during the time of transition for me from chiropractic student to chiropractor. It was so meaningful because I related to really wanting something bad enough, no matter what hurdles I was faced with. My “desire originated in the soul, and I felt it was my mission on earth.” “The Alchemist” was very inspirational and I highly recommend reading it.

  5. angesbiz says:

    Hi Pam, welcome! :)

    Thanks for sharing your experience from reading “The Alchemist.” It’s wonderful to know that when you DO want something “so bad” no matter what, you will move heaven and earth to get it.

    I’ve had similar experiences in my life and it’s amazing what you can achieve when you really put your mind to it.

  6. Zack says:

    Some of the LOA gets a little out there, but the concept of positive thinking makes your life a whole lot easier.

  7. Nacie Carson says:

    Hey, Love your blog, and posts like this really illustrate why. Thanks for sharing, and keep up the good work!

  8. brigid says:

    I noticed your comment on twitter and thought I would drop in.
    Some nice ideas here, its a shame the video didn’t work, but hey, the law of attraction is a real and interesting thing.
    I find I need to screen my wishes, because I always get what i want (and sometimes I have changed my mind). Sometimes it takes a bit longer, but that means I just have to change my thought processes a bit to get there.
    Thanks for your thoughts
    .-= brigid´s last blog ..Helping to Keep Cool with Flowers =-.

  9. I’ve always been a big fan of Will Smith’s work. I think it’s quite interesting how he managed to resurrect a nearly dead career as a rapper and transform it into an A-list movie career. Frankly, it’s only natural that a person who has had so much success in life is a role model for most aspects of life – in this case including the Laws of Attraction. It’s interesting to watch Smith’s role in “Hitch” and compare his actions in the film to his suggestions in this clip.

  10. Judy says:

    I have been a beliver and user of the law of attraction I feel that more people are begining to open up and become receptive to this new wave of awareness the more people we reach the better our world will be come it is up to us to teach all

  11. Look at the seccess of Will Smith. Thats proof right there that the law of attraction works. It’s Cool.

    btw I have not read that book yet.

  12. The alchemist is such a nice book, totally recommend it. The law of attraction has been around in one shape or another for a long time now. It’s just recently that it was made so popular. My guess is that it will continue to get distorted as it goes from one mouth to the next, but I hope that the people who really do their homework will find their way to the source and get the best help possible.
    .-= Job Self @ Goal Setting´s last blog ..Basic Goal Setting Worksheet =-.

  13. ppo says:

    There are a few people in live who just transcends color, race, or geography. Will Smith is one of those people. In qualities, in a nut-shell is Relationship Capital. People like will attracts people to them in almost every situation. This is a unique quality
    .-= ppo´s last blog ..PPO Insurance and Plans and deductibles =-.

  14. charles says:

    I saw tube this video on Youtube while I was brwosing through affirmaions videos. I was flabergasted and realised it was a significant imput by Will Smith.
    Most will not attribute their succes/knowledge to discovery of a book.

  15. I still haven´t seen this movie, looks like a good one.
    .-= Nathan Rodriguez´s last blog ..Seguro de Transporte =-.

  16. Amy says:

    I saw tube this video on Youtube while I was brwosing through affirmaions videos. I was flabergasted and realised it was a significant imput by Will Smith.
    Most will not attribute their succes/knowledge to discovery of a book.

  17. The things that we think about really manifest if we just believe in it. Well, I have read the book “The Alchemist” but I cannot really see the deeper meaning of it. But I can still remember that I was so hooked up with the books of Paulo Coelho.
    .-= Law of Attraction Book´s last blog ..Law of Attraction – More Than Just a Book updated Tue Mar 9 2010 8:41 am CST =-.

  18. Shaun says:

    Thanks for sharing this video, I guess by now you’ve done reading the alchemist.. it’s a great book and the author used the law of attraction there by saying when you want something and you really desire to achieve that thing, the universe will conspire to help you achieve it, or it sounds like that.

    I hope you have the video of oprah about the law of attraction. Thanks again for the great read and videos.

  19. Attracting abundance is knowledge. As any other skill people have, manifesting is no different from playing the piano or flipping pancakes in the air. How good you are at it depends on how efficient you have become at performing it

  20. david says:

    The mind is a very powerful machine and the more we understand how it works, the more we want to know.

  21. Rob says:

    Will Smith is one fabulous role model for kids everywhere.

  22. Predictions says:

    Kevin Trudeau talks a lot about secret societies, that the most powerful people in the world use the law of attraction.

  23. Interesting. Will Smith believing in these concepts. Quite cool.


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