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destiny - it's your choiceWhat is Love

Love is all and Love heals all energy.  Love is a miracle when you hold your child for the first time.  Love is the energy from your true self which comes from the Universal truth.  Love is all we need to heal this world.

When you say you hate or have enemies you are only hurting yourself.  God did not make us all to hate or have enemies. That word is negative and brings only the bad.  Release those thoughts it keeps you prisoner.

When you think you hate or have enemies send them love and light because if you hate someone or say they are your enemies then you are your worst enemy for sending that out.

When you are of loving energy you never hate or say enemy as it puts you in a negative vibration. We all come from the same source and we are all connected.

So today send love and light never judge and use those words because it you are thinking it and saying it you are in a lower vibration. You must look within yourself and ask “why am I hating myself”?

When you hate someone and call them your enemy you are only really hating something about yourself.  Reverse the energy and send love to them. Remember we are all connected to one another.

Love is all… Love is you… Love is everywhere… Love is a miracle…

Send the love out to the Universe and lets heal the world together.

Your friend