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Perception is Projection

Isn’t it funny how some people notice all the things that are not working in their lives, while there are others who notice all the good things in their lives and who seem to be aware of all the opportunities that are available to them. Perception is projection is why this is so. How you perceive a situation to be is how it will be projected by you.

Too Much Static

I see and hear this time and time again from my friends and family. That their lives are not working and if only this was this way , and if only that was that way… BLAH, BLAH, BLAH! The thing is that the majority of people fill their lives with too much static which fills the air in the form of newspapers, television, magazines, radio, the Internet, mobile phones, emails – especially those spam chain letters that go around – books, the cinema, music, advertising, politics, other people’s demands on us at work, and all these things jump out at us before we have had a chance to give the most important person in our lives the attention they deserve: Ourselves. We are left with no time to think clearly and no space to do it in.

Perception is Projection

This is when our perception gets distorted and we are unable to sort through these things which really have no place in our lives and which we cannot do anything about. I call these external forces which have the potential to project the unwanted life some of us have. Perception is projection. Think about it.

Have you ever noticed when sitting on a train during peak hour as people are on their way to work, most of them look like they have a glazed look on their face. I think that these people are living their lives unconsciously, and are on merry-go-round wondering how to get off. They allow themselves to be driven by these external forces.

Imagine if the daily newspapers were a reminder to live consciously every day. I may buy the newspaper if this was the case. The media is notorious for distorting the news and telling us what they want us to hear.

I remember seeing a short snippet of a news article where the reporter was saying that there had been violent scenes at a protest and the clip that was showing at the time actually had people smiling and happy in the background. I’m sure this happens frequently and I would be willing to bet that what is heard is taken in more than what is seen.  So how do we get off the merry-go-round?

Make a List or Keep a Journal

It’s not about changing your life all at once, but rather, it’s about finding a moment of authenticity and self-truth. These moments are the places you can stand on to change the world, one bit at a time.

Begin with a moment of quiet reflection and something to write on, or if you prefer, you can also do this with your friends.  Start writing. Think back to moments when you felt truly alive, when you were so happy that no matter what you did, everything was a success. Were you five years of age or ten, fifteen, twenty or even thirty or more? Where were you? Who were you with? Was it something that you did once or is it something that is integrated in your life now? Would you love to do it again? What is at play or at work? How did you feel afterward? Once the momentum kicks in, this can be a truly awesome and inspiring experience.

Next, make another list, a list of times when you may have been experiencing fear and doubt and maybe gotten into difficulties. What was it the helped you overcome these experiences? How did you get out of this situation? Was it with help from friends, taking control of your life, learning a new skill, following a spiritual practice, taking a stand, reading a book? I think you get the picture.

If you happen to keep a journal, get that out. Once you have gathered all this information, and it does take some time to do this, you will end up with a very resourceful folio to refer back to.

Live Consciously

You may be feeling creative after doing this exercise and if so, make it into an attractive compilation and present it to yourself as a reminder that you can live consciously and that there are moments that do work for you in your life. Live up those moments and be aware that you can live the life YOU love. Use this resource every day and remember, Perception is Projection.


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  1. It could be Allan that sometimes people can fall into that trap and think that their routine is what life is. Sad but true in some circumstances.

    I loved your post “about an Aussie dad in a house full of sheilas” … nice one mate!

  2. Hi Ange,

    Those who have taken their routines as their lives actually perceive their life this way. Their perception is their reality. Getting them to introspect the way you pointed out is a workable idea. Something they perhaps never even imagined to do. They have forgotten how to live, how to be happy and have accepted the drudgery of their lives as the inevitable fate of their existence and lifelong destiny.

    This acceptance is shallow and defeatist. But there are many who would respond positively to the concept in your post and re-awaken their spirit of adventure. Sadly, there will be those who would say It’s too late, there’s nothing more I can do, this is my life!

    This is a thought provoking post with a step by step guide. Congratulations are in order once again. 🙂 Durano, done!

    Durano Lawayan’s last blog post..McCartney’s Misery

  3. Hey Durano… it sounds almost like there are quite a large number of people who do think it’s too late to change their life’s path onto a more positive and productive one. It’s never too late to start anything new and if someone reading this is inspired to take on what I propose and make the list to use as a resource for themselves… it’s actually their own resource because it comes from within and it’s stuff they have already achieved at some point in their lives, imagine if they then went and passed it onto others… it all starts with one person willing to make a change.

    It would be one great adventure that they can keep adding to with each new opportunity that comes their way. That’s a great way to look at it… as an adventure!

  4. An adventurer is what I’ve always been Ange. Aside from a lot of stories to tell would be grandchildren, it always gives a fresh perspective and a younger aura.

    Or am I imagining the last 2 words? You see, perception is working already. 😉 __Durano, done!

    Durano Lawayan’s last blog post..Writers’ Well-Deserved Win

  5. Thank you Peter, that sounds truly divine… the simple pleasures. Enjoy your golden years together! It’s great that you feel that happiness in life.

  6. Bridget Jones says: February 16, 2008 at 12:18 am


    I’m in reflection mode at the mo, so this post comes in handy to give me more encouragement. Thanks and it’s good to see you writing again.

  7. Ange,

    The key is to be greatful. An Attitude of Gratitude is the way. And to facilitate this we need to list in writing five things every day we are greatful for. The Macro (universe) cannot give to the Micro (humans) if they are scattered in thought. Regards.