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The Glow Movie Created For Women

Twitter is such a wealth of information. Each day I learn from those I follow and today was no different. This morning when I opened up my twitter page I found @SuperGirl’s latest tweet so I went to her page to take this screenshot.

I then proceeded to follow the link to the The Glow Movie ’cause I’m a “SuperGirl” too 😉 What I found next was truly beautiful.

WOW! were my first thoughts. Anything that glows and has the word inspiring was enough for me to watch this short snippet of the Glow Movie.

(Video inserted here no longer available)

Then I realised that this is a very powerful movie created for women in order to empower them and go out and inspire others. It has to be shared. Just my cup of tea. It’s going to be a phenomenon bigger than The Secret! That’s what they say. Bigger than The Secret? Hmmmm… the mind boggles.

Here’s a snippet from The Glow Movie site:

The women of the GLOW movie share their truths, their triumphs and how they learned to embrace the powerful essence of “GLOW.” Every woman has GLOW; she needs only to learn how to tap into it.

and this

You deserve happiness, fulfillment, and the opportunity to achieve wild success. STOP what you are doing. Take a breath, and connect with your GLOW. See and experience the GLOW movie.

This blew me away. Here are some of the reactions from the women it was debuted for in Texas

This sounds like awesomeness! Every girl and every woman must see this movie. You can order it from The Glow Movie site here. Most of all, share it with everyone you know. Guys! Buy it for your girls. Let’s make a difference together.


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  1. If the Glow movie is rally one which inspires women and helps them work better and harder then it is an effort that needs to be appreciated as the women in our society today are growing stronger and faster.
    Great post!!. Way to go.