Phillip Day

29 and counting…

We are on the home stretch now.  29 and counting…

29:  There is danger in excess.  Remember moderation in all things.

28:  Obtain control over your sense of certainty.  Try this out would you.  Stand up and slouch over with your eyes looking at the floor.  How does it make you feel?  Not sure?  Do you feel that if you went into an important meeting in this state that you would get your point across?  More than likely NO.  Now stand up straight, head up, eyes looking forward, feet planted firmly on the ground.  How do you feel in this state?  More certain?  You know where you are headed and no-one can get in your way.  You feel strong don’t you?  Well, you being in a state of certainty changes your biochemistry so that gives you a sense of knowing and feeling good.  Have faith and be good at what you do.

26:  Climb stairs whenever you can and then go down and up them again.

24:  Avoid sugar and fat free items.  We all know about sugar and what it does to us, but how about all the “fat free” items we have on our supermarket shelves?   They are actually full of sugar.  Next time you are shopping read the ingredients on the packaging.  I’m sure you will be surprised.   The fats which are called Omega-6 and Omega-3 fats are essential fats, because we only get them through the foods we eat. The fats which are called saturated are the bad fats. We get saturated fats from all the meat and dairy in our daily diet.  Check that you do not eat too many trans-fats or better still, avoid them all together.

23:  Do Not Break The Law.  Simple enough.

21:  Finding the right person is being the right person.

20:  Dare to Dream!  There are NO limits.

19:  Be Inspired!  Listen to or read something that will inspire you and move you towards achieving your dreams.

18:  Avoid dream-killers.  That is,  share your dreams with those who will support you and not with those that will not.

15:  Enjoy silence.  In silence we can get the answers to our questions in life.

Yours in Health!



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