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Here are some more gems for you.

You can find Phillip Day at for more about the man.  But for now, more of his 100 list…

71:  Eat less but often.  Stick to small meals during the day as they are easier to digest and it tends to keep your body at a higher peak condition.

70:  See the world and have no fear.  Even with all that is happening in our world today, this must not stop you from doing the things you love to do and especially travel.  If you have an agenda and want to travel, then get on a plane and enjoy yourself.

68:  My favorite… laugh a lot.  Now it might sound so simple, but the best medicine is laughter.  No matter what concerns you may have, if you can switch your thoughts to something playful, or watch a funny movie or read a good joke, then by laughing, all the worries in the world will disappear.

67:  Pay attention to chronic conditions.  Doctors do have a role to play so if something is not quite right with you and your body, have it checked out.

66:  Take 4 weeks holiday at a time.  It takes a good 4 weeks to break any routines that you have so having time out for that long is a great way to relax.

65:  Listen to what comes out of your mouth.  Learn to master yourself and be aware of the language you use.  Is it empowering or disempowering?  Do you use positive or negative words?  Once you know the words to use, it can change your whole outlook on your circumstances, and in turn, give you insights into why you feel the way you do.

64:  Avoid psychiatrists!!!  Phillip showed us a short video of psychaitrists being interviewed outside of one of their conventions.  The reporter asked the qestion “What biological tests, if any, are there that measure chemical imbalances in the brain?”  The answers were varied from “I don’t know”, “None that I know of”, “there are no biological tests to measure this”, “I just listen to what the patient  has to say and then I make a judgement on his/her treatment”.  I don’t think they have a clue… do  you?  Psychiatry is a fraud and medication is a poison which causes chemical imbalances in the brain.

Mmmmmm…….. something to think about……..



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  1. per comment 64: yes, it’s true – psychiatrists are making a fortune by prescribing treatments that aren’t based on physiological or as you put it, biological tests. the problem is that these days, everyone is on meds! even your family doctor can put you on prozac – and that is just wrong! the line between depression due to repressed, unexpressed feelings versus clinical depression has been blurred so badly that it seems psychiatrists aren’t really doing what they originally set out to do in the psychology world. having said that, i want to make an important distinction – there are many people in this world that only function with medication – those people being schizophrenic, psychotic, etc…. it is very important that they be able to take those medications so that they can live happy, safe lives. the problem is that medication has become an accepted bandaid in our society instead of a needed treatment for extreme cases.

  2. Thankyou Debbie for your comment. It’s true that even your GP can prescribe meds as they (doctors) only treat symptoms of problems and not the problem itself. Yes meds are are a bandaid in our society and until we as citizens are educated about what the drug companies are doing, they will continue to be bandaids. This is Phillip’s mission: to educate us to know there are nutritional alternatives out there.