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49:  Sleep in pitch darkness.  Apparently, if we do not sleep in complete darkness, we do not get the most restful sleep.  Between the hours of 11pm and 3am is the most important time for our body’s melatonin function.  Melatonin is a hormone secreted by the pineal gland.  Just to go off on a tangent here, when I was studying for my Dip.Health Science,  I always remember my instructor describing this pineal gland, which is part of the brain found at the base of the skull, and saying that when there was sunshine, the gland received light, therefore made us feel “happy” as compared to dull overcast days when it didn’t receive much at all.  Who can relate to that?  So… this melatonin is important in the regulation of our biorhythms, relating to physical, biological and intellectual cycles.

47:  Avoid vaccinations.   All vaccinations are immune suppressing.  When a vaccine is administered, we trade off our whole immune system for the temporary immunity against one disease.   Therefore, the trade is not at all fair.   This link will take you to a site which tells you how to legally avoid vaccines.

45:  Phillip says to attack political correctness.  He suggests that the idea of not saying the wrong thing in case we give someone a mental condition is absolutely absurd.  I believe that you cannot say the wrong thing to the right person.

43:  Create Overwhelming Optimistic Experiences.  In other words, create a bribe that gets you through the day.  Have a different one for each day and fill your week.  For example, if you achieve specific results at the end of each day, then treat yourself with a double scoop of chocolate fudge ice-cream sprinkled with nuts one day, maybe a night at the movies the next, buy yourself a bunch of flowers, get yourself that special coffee mug.  Make yourself a list of 100 things that you want and start with that.

42:  Eat Garlic.  One of nature’s most powerful antibiotics is Allicin  which is found in garlic, however, it is not present in garlic in it’s natural state.   Garlic needs to be chopped or crushed in order for the Allicin to be produced.  There are many resources on the Internet if you would like to know more about it.

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