Phillip Day

Last few tips from Phillip Day

This post will see the final entries from Phillip Day’s seminar I went to on 100 Ways to be Happier and Healthier.

11:  Touch Base.  Contact someone who thinks you have forgotten them and give them a surprise.  Find out what’s been going on in their lives of late.

10:  Dental Health.   Very important not to forget about your oral hygiene.  Do not leave yourself with a toxic bite!

7:  Read a good book.  Get your mind off things and engross yourself in a good story.

6:  Give to charities that do the job right.  The “World Cancer Research Foundation” is the first one that comes to mind.

5:  Forget the lottery.  It’s a tax on greed.

4:  Be thankful.  An attitude of gratitude makes your day more prosperous.

3:  Enjoy music.

2:  Help others and congratulate them on their achievements.  You may be the only one doing it.

1:  Leave a Legacy.  Have a point to it all.  What will be said of you when you are no longer here?

Mmmmmm……. somthing to think about.

Well I trust that you gained a few distinctions out of these posts dedicated to Phillip Day.  Even if only one thing stands out for you, it’s one more than you had before.

Yours in Happiness and Health