Phillip Day

Life Happens…

Have you had a chance to look at Phillip Day’s site yet?  It is well worth a look and especially at the book section.  I did mention earlier when talking about psychiatry the he has written a great book called “The Mind Game” which is an interesting read.

41:  Manage your anger.  Studies have been taken out on violent criminals and it has been found that 100% of violent criminals are hypoglycemic.  Hypoglycemia can produce a variety of symptoms and effects but the principal problems arise from an inadequate supply of glucose as fuel to the brain resulting in impairment of function.  So the trigger for anger is, again, nutritionally controlled.

38:  Reduce red meat and grains and especially no pork!  Pork contains the highest amount of carcinogens than any other meat.  It is all about the chemical processes it goes through before it gets to our tables.

36:  Give yourself permission to recover.  If you are hit by a bug, then you must allow your body to recover in order to return back to your optimum performing state.

35:  If you find it difficult to eat raw veggies, then juice them and make them a part of your daily routine.

34:  Own a good conscience.  Be blameless.

33:  Exercise prevention.  Keep your body healthy and free from harm.  Do not get sick in the first place.  Knowledge is power.

32:  Deal with Addictions.  Do not let them override your life.

31:  AVOID NATIONAL MEDIA.  Can you tell I totally agree with this one?  Personally,  I keep away from television and newspapers.  They are bad for your mental health.  If you start the day with all the “bad” news that is reported from around the world, which does not necessarily have any affect on your life directly, then why let it bother you and leave you feeling distraught for the whole day?  If you must read a paper, then take a look at your local paper with stories that would directly affect you and then you could follow what is happening in your community.

Have a most outstanding day!