Phillip Day

More of the 100 Ways to be Happier…

Some more of what I learned from Phillip Day.

96: Be an “overcomer”.  Well what do you think he means here?  I took it to mean that you look at what everyone else is doing, and do the opposite.   The majority of people just go with the crowd and do whatever their friends, neighbours or work colleagues are doing.  Don’t follow the herd, breakthrough and get out of your comfort zone and get some different results.

95: “You are what you eat.”  How many times have you heard that saying but still do nothing to make good choices for your health and your body.  Yes, I am guilty too.  Food can change your mood  so next time you prepare a meal,  make sure that you have more live, fresh food rather than white, red and white food!  Nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels.  At the very minimum, 20% of what you eat should be made up of grains, meat and dairy.  The other 80% should be made up of fresh garden vegies and fruit, legumes and haricots.  Eating raw is a good idea too.

For those of you that do not know, Phillip Day is passionate on educating citizens like you and me on how not to get cancer, and if we do happen upon it, then it can be reversed with good nutrition.  Nobody with  a healthy immune system gets cancer.

Stress is another factor in this equation.  Stress is due to having repetitive routines so taking time out, and especially taking four whole weeks out one after the other is the best way to relieve those routines.

94:Psychiatry is the study of people who don’t need to be studied by people who do.  Think about that for a second.   Apparently, 100% of violent criminals are found to be hypoglycemic.  Interesting don’t you think?  The prostaglandin is the chemical mood modulator which is kept balanced by the Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) in the system.  If we do not have enough EFA’s, then this leads to mood swings.  EFA’s are essentially Omega 3 and 6.  Oils found in fish.  There are many supplements on the market and many children who get diagnosed with ADD or ADHD are found to calm down immensely and not be so violent if they are put on a course of EFA’s.  Phillip Day’s book “The Mind Game” makes for some interesting reading on this.

Now I will throw this in as he did tend to go off on a tangent at times, but all which he spoke of was very interesting.  Here is bit of trivia  for you.  Don’t ask me why this country was named, as I’m sure I missed the explantion for this one, but when doctors in Israel go on strike, 80% of the time, the death rate lowers by 50%.  Go figure!  The medical profession of course is very needed, but at the same time, they are governed and funded by the drug companies.  Did you know that doctors are not trained in nutrition?  They treat the symptoms but not the cause.  Every disease is caused by some metabolic disruption in the system.  This is why he stresses so much that good nutrition is paramount to a long healthy life.

There is plenty of good information here so take what you want and put it to good use.

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